Thursday, July 22, 2021

Disclosure Digest 7-23-21

From The Bozone Layer To The Lion's Gate

Yes, we're watching a Movie and this scene I'll call 'Spaceballs The Billionaire or Dr Evil's Ascension'

Jim Carey rips it up with his wild & wacky Joe 2.0 plea-bargain performance; got moar Popcorn:
Git yer omnibus wing-nut whack-job bundle of incredible red pills and always use reader Discretion:

This great new video clip from Lin Wood is a very appropriate and timely Red Pill fer y'all to Use:

Med Beds are being released for public use and the Medical Mafia/Big Pharma cabal is Kaput:

The Mad Dogs & Englishmen Bundle, where Great Minds freak out in unison; Truth dawns as Wisdom:

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