Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Coffee Talk With Utsava

Posted By Utsava On 7-14-21

Quick Update - Tense Times On New Earth - Nesara & EBS Imminent! More Soon!

Hi, I wanted to send you this quick note for this Sunday. I will post more later!! A lot is going on! We are facing delays in the Nesara and EBS; the main reason are underground facilities with more children they have found. They have also found nuclear weapons. In the underground stations in NYC there was flooding; why? Because they flooded the underground tunnels in order to destroy them.

The other day the police had evacuated Mall of Millennia in Orlando, Florida due to bomb threat. All of these nuclear and bomb threats are exactly in line with our predictions. The other day there was a large explosion that hit a building in Iran. We hear these reports almost daily.

They also found a lot more corrupt politicians than anticipated; they have been arrested recently.

There are PG&E outage alerts in California. They are already changing to the free energy system, the Tesla energy. Many outages, including internet and phone outages have been reported as well.


They have to get the NESARA, EBS etc. done no later than August, this is the latest as other countries are already in full swing into the new financial system/Quantum/Nesara.

I have always said that things will be arranged so that everyone is equal and the idea is that all world currency are switched to approx. $ 1value. More information has surfaced, that the prices we have, including gasoline and real estate prices, will drop significantly to the prices of the 1940s. While mortgages are going to be forgiven in 99% of the home owners, tenants will have the ability to have the rental property paid for as well. These home owners who basically will get their houses free and clear, therefore, won't be that much better off than tenants and others since the prices drop and everyone gets something. There won't be rich and poor. I will explain more soon about this by tonight and tomorrow!!

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