Sunday, July 25, 2021

Whazzup With The White House?


An ET Op Ed


I was asked by an anon for my take on this article:  

True in broad strokes, sketchy on some details and attributed motivations. Our Patriotic military has total control of DC since the New Year. Because it's captured foreign territory Military Tribunals have been held there in various buildings, including the White House. Those convicted there are then removed to other offshore locations (Gitmo, Greenland Central America) for imprisonment or execution. Need proof? check for the big picture.

The Alliance allowed the election steal and were not ‘surprised’ by the hacking at all. Everything was observed in real time by Trump & Co as well as Space Force elements and the Galactics, who are all playing the long game which seems to be culminating in our present civilizational NDE. 

The phony Georgia White House is for real, as well as other studios in LA and Brooklyn. Jim Carey is the actor behind the Biden 2.0 mask. I believe the Alliance controls him while letting the Cabal think he is working for their cause. In truth, he’s been a bad satanic ‘star’ and is now mitigating his tribunal sentence by enthusiastically playing JB. 

The plot sickens from here on out. Team Dark wants Joe to be declared unfit for office so Kamala can take over. She’s not a US citizen and the military may well use this as the reason to drop the Hammer or, a phony/real nuclear incident may be used as the trigger to begin the Big Show - WorldWide. 

We’ll know more when the Quantum EBS kicks in (FYI the August 11 EBS 'test' is WH disinfo) along with low profile but effective martial law to maintain order as the big truth bombs find their targets. Or something like that...

Keep it frosty, my Frens.

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