Sunday, July 11, 2021

Disclosure Digest 7-11-21


 The Sleeper Has Awakened! 

Muad-Dib, Paul Atreides Of House Atreides


Activated Sleepers sounds like an oxymoron, Fren; I've been waiting millions of years for this Last Act:

This saucy dig by Sorcha is why I publish her regularly; truths like these are extremely hard to Find:

KP highlighted these recent videos from Lorrie Ladd; spend 20 minutes getting Right-side Up:

A very pertinent crowd-funded investigative research into the Cabal info weapons; opinions be Lethal:

Ben Garrison consistently shows it like it is; he's my kinda mad-as-hell cartoonist; git Sum:

Some anon Intel from here and there on the Interweb for serious spelunkers: Haitian back story's Saucy:

An Mk Ultra puppet tells the truth yet stays in the Nuthouse; so many Pedovores, so few Millstones:

This is just yer basic, plain vanilla, PG -13 rated Three Witches Bundle; what are you waiting For?

Seriously Creator, I've been waiting Kalpa after Kalpa for the Kami Kaze to blow me some good News:


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