Sunday, July 4, 2021

Disclosure Digest 7/4/21


It's The Fourth Of July

In The Bozone Layer...

Tired of the Endless 'early sobriety blues' permeating society? Check out Sandra's Freedom Codes:

July 1st was Lady Di's birthday which I gather she celebrated with her consort Q+, and assorted Family:

Kudos to Judy for putting up another Killer compilation! This is not a drill, best Bonsai up Buckaroos:

Rainbow Referees will always side with the 'victims'; fugeddabout unbiased evaluations...Yer Out!

Today's 3 Witches Bundle comes w/one caveat: disagreeing with Any of it makes you a Racist!

Sauron has many eyes…poke them All Out! Here comes a tsunami of Divine Fire/Love:

A novel concept this 3 Warlock Bundle, far out wingnut wack-job content and fairly good Grammar:

And last but certainly not least git sum Creator mind-droppings; Real Wisdom at affordable Prices:

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