Thursday, July 1, 2021

Utsava Is Beside Herself...Welcome to The Quantum NOW

From She-Got-Her-Coffee On 7-2-21


Signs that NESARA is here....UK,Iraq, Mexico, El Salvador and more! Fresno-IRS closes branch-BIG NEWS!! No more horse slaughter!

The largest money lender in the UK to write off all debt. This is part of Nesara:

So far we have confirmed debt forgiveness and the start of Nesara in Iraq, Mexico, El Salvador, Portugal, Russia and parts of the UK.

Fresno IRS is closing. They laid off 800 workers. We have talked about that the IRS is done; yet it has been formally there like an empty vessel, but not fully functioning. They are as good as done. They will leave as we are getting away from the Federal Reserve and go to the gold standards.


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