Saturday, July 10, 2021

You Can't Make This Stuff Up...

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Buy Me a Coffee, Jul 9, 2021

What's up?
THANKS so much for all who have helped-We have saved the last horses we posted about and a lot more! I will update you soon. It is heartbreaking what is going on with these poor horses from the kill pen, they look so traumatized.

The other day George Bush junior was on National TV, interviewed on his birthday by his daughter. It clearly looked like he was in a prison cell. Bush junior is dead, he was executed a while back after he was compliant and helped the White hats. What you see is a facemask. You can spot the facemask on the neck.

What is going on with the EBS? What has happened is that there were true nuclear emergencies where the white hats have found nuclear bombs underground. When they found them they have also found more children!!! There is a 10-days darkness going on right now until about the 17th of July. There are military OPS, meaning it is secret what is happening right now. In NY and WA in the subways and otherwise flooding was spotted. The white hats are flooding the underground facilities. In Nevada, California and Taiwan there were earthquakes; which are also related to getting rid of the underground facilities.

There is a lot going on right now behind the scenes. I have stated about a month ago, the military took over in this last phase but it is almost done. We have seen some delays, but it will be finished soon and the Quantum Financial system is already here. Wells Fargo has announced that it forgives 11,000 loans.

We have debt forgiveness in several countries. This is all just the beginning. They cannot drag on the Nesara much longer. Point is that there were serious nuclear threats and emergencies. What we are also seeing, as predicted, world nuclear threats are announced. I have always stated that it needs an emergency for the EBS. Stay tuned. More soon.

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