Wednesday, July 7, 2021

We’re Watching Ghosts And Empties…

It's No Walk-In-The-Park To Play A
Sociopathic Pedovore; Carry On Carey!

Last Step in Clean-up


Whiplash347 Michy Winning: They cleaned up the political, education, medical, nutrition, corporations, etc. The last step is the Financial industry, The Great Reset Phase. So we are entering this phase where Cyber Attacks, False Flag events, communication and internet shutdown will happen. This is the Delta wave, the one just before the darkness and then revelations.

The plan here was to let the bad actors (Deep State) do their [malevolent] plans and catch them on the spot. You can’t accuse someone of doing a crime before they commit the crime. You need to catch them while, or after they do it. Then you can accuse them of crime against humanity, etc. You can’t reveal to the public the plan before the complete operation ends.

Nothing can stop what is coming, God already won cause we have it all. The White Hats and Military are hidden and will not reveal themselves before the end. This is why it took so long and looks like nothing is happening. But do NOT worry, they are EVERYWHERE my friends. Yes SO much incredible stuff is happening. Massive arrests and massive cleaning. Patience is a virtue, so better work on it.

The strange floods and earthquakes are mostly underground DUMBs being cleaned up. The Military often covers these underground explosions with fireworks or lightning and storms so that people think it’s the weather, or some fireworks. We can see exactly that happening right now in Florida. The building that crashed was covering some deep tunnels and DUMBs. And now militaries are cleaning underground but we can’t see them and they surely won’t say it on TV period. Can’t reveal the plan to the enemy.

This RV and GCR is something that has never been done before ever in the history of the world. We are paving new roads, forging new paths and taking humanity to a new level of being and living and it has taken an army of men and women almost 70 decades to make this happen. Many untold people sacrificed their lives so we might have freedom. The news is all is underway and processing.

It might not be instantaneously as we all expect. The good news is it is happening. The banking system is converted. Money is flowing and the process is underway. They are going slower to make sure all is running properly and safe. It could be from now till Tuesday when public GCR money for currency holders takes place. Just know it is happening and be grateful you are part of it. This is a transition not a transaction. Never, ever give up.

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