Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Utsava's Coffee Talk...

Posted By Utsava On 7-13-21

Quick update EBS, Barr, stock market crash and more!

Some people complain that the EBS has not happened. While we have many booms this week, including the Seth Rich declass, it is getting frustrating, I understand. My EBS predictions have already been confirmed, people have free will. The patriots have not changed dates that much over the years, in over 95% of the cases projected dates have been spot on. But lately they have changed things because this is the LAST push until NESARA/New Earth is in full effect, the demons hate this and they fight back HARD right now. Free will/prophecies work a certain way, they can be intertwined and change some events a bit.

I am looking forward until it is all done and ALL of these criminal gangstalkers are ARRESTED. NESARA, the Reset, Gold standards, just to name a few examples all with accurate time lines. Your television will NOT tell you the truth, but we do!

Information has also surfaced about William Barr. I have stated last October, that he is a bad guy, took bribes and will go to prison. President Trump has stated recently that he is a bad guy. He is a traitor and a swamp creature, working for the swamp. Lately what has also come out, not only does he face prison but execution because of his involvement with voter fraud when it comes to the presidential election. Treason means you are going to be executed/shot.

Barr actively made sure that voter fraud will not be investigated. Remember when I said that they saw all this money coming into his bank account that were bribes? They then set him up and caught him. He participated in Treason since he wanted to save his own skin....not only will he end up in prison, but in Gitmo.

There are many BOOMS this week, including the declass about Seth Rich. Things are going to move quickly and the stock market crash will happen very soon! After that the EBS. Be prepared in the next weeks.

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