Saturday, July 18, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-18-20

Run, Tom, Run!

In the 'Movie' you're watching both Trump and Putin are following the same Divine Script:

The Corona Baloney clown parade rolls inexorable on towards the much dreaded Cliff of Truth:

Great omnibus [DS] Take Down Thread; read and then re-read for maximum Absorbtion:

Our Great Awakening also includes the somnolent masses realizing the full extent of Debt Slavery:

Guess which ones have already been tried and convicted; many sleep w/the Fishes:

It’s time to break the Mouse Spell and expose the Dark Hearts in the Magic Kingdom:

SiStar Sandra generously offers her insights into the second half of this kick-ass Take-Down Year: 

When Creator doesn't get the last Word, the Venusian Kumaras are next in line; git sum Yeshua:


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