Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-28-20

Cannabis Is A Multi-Dimensional Adaptogen

Git Sum!!!

What a hoot of a hit-piece on all things ‘Q’; a great read if you’re stoned; Zap Comix- esque:

I was a 4yr old watching Howdy Doodie On the new TV box thingie in 1953; Feh:

Corona Cures are refusing to be gas-lit or suppressed by the Medical Nemesis of Nazi Pharma:

 The [DS] US Color Revolution is self-destructing w/ every move they make; all bad actors Exposed

Sorcha digs on creep-o-philic Mafia Joe and his [DS] mob history;  BTW Joe1.0 has been Executed:

 The [DS] is trying to force UN fascism on US population; F--k No sez Bad Orange Man:

Jennifer's tough-love ascension coaching advice; Others Will Evolve Without Your Interference:

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