Thursday, July 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-23-20


Kayleigh, Kayleigh, Kayleigh...

Gaia gets a great sprinkling of Cosmic ‘fairy dust’ from Comet Neoewise - The One:

Jordan Sather gives us another up-to-the-minute Sit-Rep on all things even remotely Green; Ribbit:

Check out Gillian's take on the upcoming Sirian Lion's Gate event; git sum Tennessee Truth-Tellin':

John appreciates the Bad Orange Man for his humorous and iconiclastic Attitude:

The Lighter Side of Insurrection isn't easy to find but it is out there;

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca from The Golden Age of Gaia for doin' the Angelic Leg-Work; Grokfest:

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