Friday, July 31, 2020

Disclosue Digest 7-31-20

 It's Ladies Night 

Here At the Digest

Jenny Schiltz gets us rolling with background information on The Fall, thanks to Suzanne @GAoG:

Countries are quietly dropping the Petrodollar in transition to a Quantum Financial System; Hmmm:

True genius move by Rep. Jim Jordan to get the video/memes in before the circus got going; Kek:

And the Organ Faire twinkled as she granted him his one, and only Heartfelt wish; Interdasting:

Sandra does these great webinars for motivated Light-people; it’s a powerful Bump for Gaia:

Jen McCarty riffs eloquently on the upcoming Lion's Gate Portal opening; git sum Light Downloads;

Gillian’s current blog addressed the current energetic mishegas with the eyes of a clear Seer:

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