Friday, July 24, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-24-20

Long Time No Funny 

Knock-Knock Jokes...

Celia Fenn downloads AAM in this Lion's Gate message; Grok at Will:

Enjoy this recently released Utsava radio interview uncut; worthy of a re-listen, Y'All:

Praying Medic just posted this worthy Q-Decode 7/24/20 Next: More Acts of Violence Frameups:

Interdasting...sauces for any taste, or none at all; Birkenstock Bolsheviks will scream the Loudest:

Bad Orange Man's just thrown down a Huuuge gauntlet to what's left of the Jesuit Thuggees:

Occasional Cortex nails her boards again! try a triplet of Bee Stings rated PG to amuse, Youse:

X22 Dave lets the Flags Out and does a good overall news round-up for his amphibian frens; Ribbit:

8 Suggestions for a Life in Transition – Shanta Gabriel does some spot-on Ascension Coaching:

An HHDL primer for all Sentient Beings on effectively co-existing with Other-Dimensionals:

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