Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-7-20

More Buddha Mind Effluvia For Y'All

Lord Buddha was a harbinger of Gaias Planetary Ascension and the true Liberation of Humanity:

Just butt kickin’ Disclosure over there on Fox; the Dem dam is truly Broken; KEK:

And the well-paid crisis actors Chanted “wipe that weapon down, boy, wipe it good and Hard:

X22 Dave does a deep dive into the Swamp and comes up smelling like a Rose; masks off, dive IN:

So begins the downfall of the Nazi Medical Nemesis during the Trump Presidency; Grokfest:

Insane Ghislane spookin' round my addled brain; highlights of low-lives await the Enquiring Mind:

Corona Baloney bundle Steiner got it and weaponized 5G is just the latest Attack:

Thanks Suzanne at GAoG (again) for this pair of Angelic missives she was kind enough to Post:

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