Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-1-20


It's Showtime Patriots 

We lead off today with master cartoonist, Ben Garrison and his visual UnMasking; Git Sum:

Jon is Hot and spewing blasts of idiot-proof Truths, almost daily, and helping to wake the Sheeple:

Those wild and crazy Edge of Wonder guys interview Praying Medic with startling results; Grokfest:

Tucker nails it again in just 10 minutes, give a listen; he’s a truth telling Patriot w/kick-ass Ratings::

Some more follies Highlights; Heroes use their heads, Disingenuous white folks & X22 Dave:

Turn that Big Engine on, Brad Parscale, and let the whole world in on the ugly [DS] truths; Spaciba:

Milton Glaser should certainly be seen as one of the original Meme Masters from Atlantis:

For the Lori Ladd fans out there here's her latest ASCENDING NOW message from the GFOL:

Thanks to Jennifer for bringing through this fine and insightful message from the folks Upstairs:

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