Sunday, July 12, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-11-20

This Could Be The Legendary

Blue Star Kachina Comet Of Hopi Legend

Above: Naked-eye Comet NEOWISE over Bluff, Utah, on July 9, 2020. 
Credit: Paul Martini. For more photos, browse the Comet NEOWISE Photo Gallery.

Think of incoming comets as Galactic hard-drives delivering the necessary Downloads from Source:

Kryon through Lee Carroll keeps rolling more Cosmic Truths from behind the Frequency Hedge:

The ‘Virus Spell’ continues to weaken as more good science finds its way to US; git sum Veritas:

Conspiracy Fact Bundle; big Info War battle going on here, Fed cleanup coming after The Election:

IPOT does a lively dig on recent ‘suicide’ related Knuckleheadedry; gotta wear your Life Vest:

A troika of Truths from various 'long-distance' services; Tune In, Turn On and Beam Up:

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