Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-8-20

 Definitely Not In Kansas Anymore

Jon Rappoport demonstrable blows the cover of The Covid Cult and Lights them up for all to See:

Good news from South Dakota for the Sioux, Turtle Island and all Sentient Beings:

Trump Warns Radicals “We Never Back Down", Jordan does an Update and Charlie Daniels RIP:

White Hat investigators got digital code-breaking crumbs from Patriots and bust Bigly:

The Big Baloney Lie is running out of believers all around the world: Basta Finito:

The Little Nell Hotel, a major illuminutty hangout in Aspen, is open for the under-indictment Crowd:

For a great Executive Precis from Dr. Turley start at 16:30 thru 31:15; exquisitely Accurate:

Georgie Porgie sleeps with the fishes yet his clone is still bribing everyone in sight for The Cabal:

Once again Creator gets the Last Words; I told (your favorite pronoun Here) to keep it Short:

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