Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-14-20

I Wonder Who's On Georges Mind...

Yes, Jenny, it's high time we busted Disclosure up to unheard-of heights; moar popcorn with Frens:

Twitter goes NUTS after squirrel tests positive for BUBONIC PLAGUE in Colorado; Ho Hum:

Energetically it feels like an Etheric gas pocket of Jovian proportions in my Aura; Ooof!

Bob Redford should have enough $ left to film the ‘Goya Bean-Can War‘; live-Streamable
Some more good history lessons from Sorcha, with a soupcon of crazy news items: Git Sum:

Moar Wag-The-Dog tactics of Cabal paid ‘crisis actors’ are exposed: these people are very Sick:

The 'Jab of Eternity' is re-instated just in time for ‘crimes against humanity’ perps;  Ayup:
'The Beginning of Awakening' is excerpt from 72 year old Eckhart Tolles teachings on Ascension:

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