Saturday, July 11, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-10-20

 We Don't Need No Education...

I think you’ll appreciate this piece as the folks at Waking Times do a righteous Rant:

I’m dubbing my newest ‘bundle’ Conspiracy Facts; catchy phrase for pithy Content:

There he goes again, singin’ that old, sad song; foul, most Foul Fauci is cucked by Bad Orange Man:

Trying to censor Tucker will only make him more popular than they can possibly Imagine:

It feels like the tides of time have turned in Turtle Island for its Indigenous Peoples:

Lori Ladd is just amazing and has a huge following online; treat yourself to 14 fab Minutes:

Closing thoughts courtesy of Jennifer Crokaert and her superb 'long distance' Service:

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