Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-20-20

Patriots Commemorate The Moment

'The Q Team's Take-down of the Cabal from A to Z' is a must watch for inquiring Amphibians:

Ya can’t tell the legit Jews from the Sabbatean/Khazar death cultists without a scorecard; Chazerei:

Q predicted; frantic Pedowood Creep-a-zoids, goin’ cold turkey from Adrenochrome, Kekfest::

Cleaning up entrenched Italian death cults, their palazzos lining the shores of Lake Como: Basta:

This radical facial uplift was obviously caused by passing asteroids; Dorian Gray - What Me Worry?

Todays daily round-up of Bizarro news items we lovingly call the Scamdemic Follies; Ponder On:

Lawyer/mafia hit-man/Manchurian is himself ‘eliminated’ by Arkenciding; classic [TD] Clean-Up:

Shanta Gabriel reminds us that in the midst of huge change, your breath is key; In, Hold, long Exhale:

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