Thursday, July 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-15-20

Just In From The Great Green One

The Scamdemic Baloneyfest rolls on throughout Pepeville; inquiring amphibians just gotta Know: 

Here it comes...The Cure for all viral infections and many cancers; Roll it Out: 

3 years ago Q fingered Dyncorp as a major trafficking co-conspirator and now the Hammer Falls:

'Historic Operation Dismantling The [DS] Forces Is Completed' straight from Uncle Dave @X22:

The Grey Lady is whoring herself out to the Cabal; real journos are abandoning stanky Ship:

Git sum Cosmic Coffee Talk from Magenta Pixie and Friends; it's like binge-watching Ascension:

O.K. you get the Last Light-Language download, as per our perennial Agreement; Muhkay?

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