Sunday, July 19, 2020

Disclosure Digest 7-19-20

 Git Sum Cancer New Moon

Stephanie is spot-on with her Eco-Astrological insights, yet still displays mild TDS symptoms; Oy: 

Expect a veritable discovery-tsunami to sweep away he dreck of our hijacked Civilization; fer Shure:

Carlins ghost came to me as I languished in my detox bath writing this Digest; Life Is Worth Losing:

Take 6 minutes to watch this 'Cov-19 For Idiots' video and clear the air between your ears; Grokfest:

When the Satanic death-cult truth comes out Pedos won’t be able to walk the streets; pics at Eleven:

The Confederate Grey Bitch (NYT) got her saggy ass out on the street and nobody's buyin' her BS:
More amazing Antifa/BLM self-destruction to see in Portlandia; and the ACLU was always a Front:
We've got two fine Q-Decoders to brighten your Now moment; git sum Jordan Sather & PM:

Blossom and the Federation of Light will gladly close out this hyper-link fun-fest: Grok-A-Bye:

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