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Archangel Michael: It Is Time To Relinquish Any Feeling Less Than Love


Linda Dillon Channels Archangel Michael

An Hour with an Angel, 9-2-14

Steve Beckow: Well, what do you say, Linda? Shall we allow you to make your transition and welcome Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Welcome. I am archangel of peace, warrior of love, yes, and sometimes bringer of news. Welcome. Welcome, all of you, my beloved friends, my beloved family. And yes, it is a time, as it has been infinitely and eternally, of anchoring peace within and peace without, of anchoring peace upon Gaia.

And as it is anchored upon Gaia, it is known throughout the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse; as it is known within each of your hearts, it is known throughout Gaia, throughout your family, throughout your community, throughout your planet, your solar system.

There cannot be merely a cessation of war, of what you think of as conflict. And I say this in the broadest of terms, for I do not merely speak, as you know, of what you have clearly identified as war, and as if that is not abomination enough. But it is all forms of war. It is all forms of conflict.

And so, yes, it has become my cry, my peaceful battle cry, to ask and beg, plead with the people of Earth, with all the people of Earth, to lay down your arms; lay down your grief; lay down your sorrow; lay down your situations and feelings — of fear, of conflict, of subjugation — and claim your freedom, your bliss, your ecstasy.

Of course, I hear your cries, your pleas in the night, from each and every one of you. And I also share the upliftment, the joy, the bliss that you feel within your heart and your being, because part of this Ascension is that there is no differentiation between how you feel, what you think, how you behave.
It is all in alignment with your highest universal self, with the Mother/Father One. This has always been a question and somewhat of a puzzle. Oh, we understand the backdrop. We understand how the construction of the old Third [Dimension] took place.

But still — and I share this with you because it reflects your hearts — how could anyone, in any universe, in any form, any kingdom, how could, or would, anyone choose not to be in the peace that I offer, not to be in the love?

No, I don’t merely speak rhetorically, for the answer is really quite simple. And it is always the same. And I will always repeat the same answer, until every being upon this planet has heard and understood and integrated. Yes, the Mother’s Tsunami of Love washes you clean. And yes, it brings to the surface debris, individual and collective. But it also integrates you and brings you into the love and the ecstasy.

The only reason one does not choose bliss, love, ecstasy, ascension, peace, is because you feel, or think, or believe, that you are not worthy of it.

And this is a falsehood. It is an incorrect construct. It is not of truth and it most certainly is not of love. We have said to thee that your old Third Dimension is but very small filaments of energy, like whispers of sound, in terms of its existence.

So then you say to me, “Well then, Lord, how can there still be such feelings of unworthiness? How can there still be war and conflict, mayhem and chaos?”

These are human constructs, and these are belief systems that have been rooted deeply within the individual and the collective psyche. And they are being uprooted.

Now, why does it feel more intense in many situations? Because, dear hearts, as you have flown in through and paused in the ascension portal, or even as you are approaching, such situations of discordance become more and more intolerable. You cannot bear it.

And I mean this in every realm. Because there is no separation, and there is no separation in Nova Being between what you have conceived of as your mental and emotional and physical and spiritual bodies. They are harmonizing, and for many of you they are harmonized as one.

So, what is occurring? And yes, I do consider this current events! What is occurring is that you are in the higher-dimensional realms, Fourth, Fifth, for some of you, up to the Seventh and Eighth. You are reaching this place of alignment within yourself with the Divine, the Divine within and THE Divine.

And what is occurring in that is that the chaos and mayhem, whether it is within your sweet self or across the planet, becomes more abrasive, more obtrusive, more distasteful, because there is no place for it.

In the old Third, it was business as usual. There was plenty of room for chaos, hatred, greed, torture, rape, pillage; there isn’t, there isn’t anymore. And so when this is coming to your attention, in many ways, in your understanding, it is more difficult to deal with.

But, dear hearts, also remember that in your alignment, in the Tsunami of Love, in the flame of St. Germaine, or might I even suggest the blue flame of truth, that it is rapidly and instantaneously eliminated, incinerated, gone.

Now, part of your job, yes, in this Ascension, when you have these moments of what you would label clearing and what we would also label as Ascension, you have had a great deal of discussion about Ascension symptoms. But this is but one of them, an advanced symptom, yes, but nevertheless, a symptom. Remain the observer. Step back.

We keep telling you that we are in sacred union, sacred partnership as never before. And that sacred partnership that we have always yearned for and wished to reestablish, this working in co-creation together, means that there are times when you are in action, beloved ones, and there are times when you are simply the observer, and there are times of even stepping back further from your place of observation to complete and utter surrender.

It is time, sweet brothers and sisters, to set aside, to relinquish, completely, any feeling, any experience, of what you would think of as less than love. We give you the tools. We offer to fill you up. We offer to create and co-create with thee. Allow us to do so.

Now, one of your questions is, “Michael, how, how do I simply become the observer? How can I feel justified or correct in laying aside everything, when I know that there are still missiles being dropped on innocent people? When there are women and children starving? When they are being abused?

How can I do this when unfoldment in some arenas is delayed due to the mayhem or the chaos or the erratic actions, the warring actions, of others? Is that not irresponsible of me? Why would you even suggest standing back?”

In standing back, in holding the absolute vibration, frequency, and actuality, in your body, of love, of peace, you are acting as a beacon, as an anchor, as a transmitter, and you are holding the signal that nothing else is acceptable, viable, permissible upon the planet of Gaia.

When we have said to thee, collectively and individually, you are billions. When there are billions holding the energy of the only acceptable reality being peace and love, then peace will reign.

Now, can I please be practical? What this means, sweet angels, is setting aside worry and anger. You are not allowed — and I say this jokingly — to be dismissive or angry with your spouse or your mother-in-law or your child who failed the exam, the neighbor down the street who creates too much noise, the government that does nothing.

It doesn’t mean that you have lost your sense of discernment. You know what is in alignment and what is not. But what you are doing is you are holding that line. You are becoming the first and the last line of defense.

And that is what we need. We cannot do it all to you or for you. Let us be very clear about that. Yes, there are many things we say, “Leave it to us. There are too many variables for you to figure it out, even with what you think of as sophisticated software.

But there is the practicality. You are our partners in physical form. You are the Ascension, and you are in the middle of this. So relinquish the sense of anything that is not of peace, not of truth.

As I have said, this does not mean that you lose discernment and it certainly does not mean acquiescence. So when someone either consciously or inadvertently says things, reports things, holds beliefs which are not of truth, then yes, there are times to gently, lovingly, correct that misunderstanding, or this assumption that is not based in truth. And you may do that actually or spiritually.

But this domination of misinformation also has need to come to a halt. And yes, now we know we have our beloved platform [Golden Age of Gaia], and this is of truth and of love.

But there are many other platforms — yes, what you think of as public news media, who intentionally and inadvertently propagate hatred and fear and simple misinformation, misunderstanding. So it is important that you let your voices be heard, not in argumentative ways, not in ways that are of conflict, but simply of stating what is known to be truth.

And what this also means, sweet angels, is each of you — no, not becoming reporters! — but standing in the truth of who you are, too often, far too often, we witness the abandonment of your heart’s desires and your dreams, part of what you have come, not merely in service, but as in the joy of being in human form, of what you have come to experience. And we have been seeing a great deal of that, no, not that you are giving up or turning away.

Do you remember, my beloved ones, how often I have asked of thee to dream big? Yes, I have heard you. You said, “Michael, you encouraged me to dream big, to know the truth, the enormity, of my energy, of my truth, of what I am capable of, of what I wish to do and step forward and do, and nothing has happened. So I do not abandon you, what I abandon is my dream. What I abandon is my desire to create big.”

Beloved friends, lightworkers, love-holders of Earth, do not relinquish your dream. Do not relinquish what your heart truly desires.

Yes, patience has truly proven to be a virtue, as have prudence and consistency and constancy. But these are divine qualities. Those divine qualities do not ebb and flow, come and leave.

So to those of you who have turned to me in the night and who have said, “Well, I used to dream of a partner, my sacred other,” or “I used to dream of financial security,” or, “I used to dream of being physically robust and full of vitality, but I guess that isn’t going to happen. Maybe I can just hang on, go through my Ascension, get rid of this body and go home,” to you, to you, my sacred partners, I say, don’t give up. Do not abandon the dream. Do not abandon your creations. For this is the very creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being.

When you set aside your dream, what you are doing is denying yourself and denying your truth. So it is not a form of conflict so much as a form of abandonment. No, you are not abandoning us, but you are abandoning yourself, and that is wrong. Do not do this.

You are capable, and we are in sacred partnership to create so much more. So, have there been delays and hiccups, like the Ukraine, and ISIS and Syria, Somalia? Yes. But this discordance and the intensity of that discordance is for the elimination, not for the continuity, not for the robust continuity of the old, or the reconstruction of the old Third. That simply will not be permitted. Let me be very clear on that.

Now, I know I have gone on, dear Steve. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, you’re just so easy to interview, Lord! [laughs] It feels like I’ve gotten my pension and I can just relax!

Let’s go a little deeper into this, what some people would call a mindset and other people would call false grids. They seem to have people — I’m not quite sure whether it’s just in some parts of the world,  just continue arguing forever. For instance, Iraq, the parliament’s going to meet, or has met. And when I saw that they had submitted some kind of agreement for ratification, I thought, oh, my God! Here we go, arguing again!

And let me just toss out to you that there seem to be three ideas that come to the forefront. One is the idea of separation, one is the idea of scarcity, and the other is the idea of survival. And it leads to coalitions of allies competing with other coalitions of allies, us against them, and the weakest and unfit go to the wall.

If anything I’ve said is true, how does this arise? And how can we transcend it or speak to the people involved in such a way that they hear and stop? It seems like an impossible task.

AAM: It is, so I just suggest you give up.

SB: Well, thank you very much! [laughs]

AAM: No, dear heart! I am teasing you!

SB: And go home, right?

AAM: That is the feeling that this exact situation evokes.

SB: Yes.

AAM: It has been going on forever, it will go on forever.

SB: Yes.

AAM:  I might as well simply pack up my bag and go home.

SB: Yes, there’s no hope. There are no solutions, no possibility.

AAM: And yet the very things that you have very succinctly keyed in — the scarcity, the limitation, the isolation, or whatever you call false grids, false belief systems is the old hanging on by its fingernails to what it knows, rather than simply letting go and risking — because yes, it is a risk — a way to find the new.

There is no difference except in the penalty outcomes of a couple or siblings who constantly bicker and squabble and these different factions that ally and debate and debate and debate about who is right and who is wrong when it is neither, simply because it is a pattern they are familiar with, and they are not courageous enough to let go of the pattern and find something new.

Now, these are the exact same types of groups that need to start practicing Perro and revert not to ideological stances based on misinformation or misunderstanding of history, or their own personal interpretation of history, and whether it is who invaded who, or who stole whose money, or who didn’t do the dishes last night, it is the same issue.

It is one group or one person feeling that they are justified or somehow entitled to pick on or devalue or create a situation, an environment, that is not loving, and not only is it not loving to the person who is doing the bickering, the recipients, and it is not just the recipient of the person that you are bickering with. It is everybody. Everybody suffers from these old paradigms.

Your fields, as you know, have grown phenomenally, phenomenally, and you are fully capable of saying, “Choose.” Choose one person in that government and speak to them, morning, noon, night. Run the program 24/7 until they are so sick of hearing that they are incorrect, they will agree with you simply so you will be quiet.

Send them the love and the courage, the insight to try something different, to abandon what they already know is old and doesn’t work, because it has nowhere to land on Nova Earth. So it is not even as if it can put its foothold into the old Third because the old Third isn’t there. So it makes it more complex, more argumentative and more ridiculous because it is never going to work.

SB: But it sounds like is a role for education here. And I think of Werner Erhard’s Mastery Foundation, and I don’t know if that’s the same institution that he uses to teach peacemaking skills, but I think of that kind of really transformational education. It sounds like they need new models, a lot of encouragement to use them. Is that the case?

AAM: It is a combination of, yes, what you would think of as peace work, new modeling, new ways of communication, because when you are using the Perro language, for example, it is completely non-combative communication, non-violent communication. It is factual. It does not carry emotion.
Plus what you are doing is having a full conversation at the same time. So it is not simply employing one approach. It is, yes, in the very practical sense, new modeling, new education.

But people, whether it is a single person in relationship or an entire nation, they are not open to new models and new forms of communication until their hearts have been opened to the potential and the understanding that perhaps they are loved, perhaps they are capable, perhaps they can declare their own freedom and liberation and that they are not tied to history or to cultural, religious, political norms that make conflict desirable.

So it is a multi-pronged approach. So there are some of you who do, and who are in great positions to do, the teaching of the new models, and to suggest telepathically, energetically, look at new models, so that that pathway is paved for people to begin to look at new models. And then there are the energy workers who will simply send the energy of reinforcement. And then there are the healers who will work on the hearts and the bodies and the blood upon Gaia.

So it is all of the above. There is a great deal of creation work that can be done, even what appears during this time of chaos, because what you are truly doing is helping with the final clean-up for the creation and the building of Nova Earth.

And this is part of it. You do not create a building or a city without that foundation. And you, beloved ones, who are in full cooperation with us are helping to build that foundation.

SB: It’s getting up towards the top of the hour. Could I ask you some specific questions in world affairs?

AAM: Of course you may.

SB: And it may lead back to this topic, and I’m quite fine with that. Was President Obama giving a signal when he wore the tan suit the other day?

AAM: No, he was not.

SB: He wasn’t? [laughs] I didn’t actually like the suit! [laughs] He wasn’t giving a signal?

AAM: What he was doing is wearing something that his wife had selected.

SB: [laughs] That’s so funny!  Okay.

Do we know the nature of all the forces at play in the Ukraine? In other words, from what we get in the mainstream media, or even elsewhere, do we actually know the nature of the forces that are instigating events there?

AAM: Let us suggest to you that you do not know the full range of players who are involved in the discordance in the Ukraine. Now, if you are looking for cabals or secret missions behind all of this, what we would suggest is that it is not so much that as a very complicated, complex strategy, both above and below, to bring this idea of military interference, invasion, conflict, absorption of other people’s freedoms, to the forefront.

But within that mix your star brothers and sisters are involved, we are involved; there is what we can only call a very unbalanced group, not just unbalanced politically but spiritually and emotionally unbalanced on both sides of this undertaking.

And then there are the various layers of one-upmanship that are being played out in this reality. In many ways what you are seeing, to even make it more simple, you are seeing a replay, a coming to the surface of all the issues of what you have termed the cold war that were never resolved.

SB: If we could switch over to ISIS and Al Qaeda, for a moment. Now, people… Al Qaeda was started by the CIA, but I think you told me recently that Al Qaeda is no longer a CIA organization, and I think a lot…

AAM: That is correct.

SB: That is correct. So it is now operating on its own, correct?

AAM: And has for some time.

SB: And has for some time. Okay. Even though it didn’t cause 9/11. That was a CIA and other organization’s false flag operation. Now, ISIS, there still are people who think that it’s the CIA that’s driving ISIS. So could you tell us a little bit about — repeating yourself, I know — ISIS and a little bit of how the battle is going to subdue them?

AAM: First of all, all the truths regarding 9/11 have not yet come to the forefront. Will they? Yes.
But let us leave that aside for the moment. ISIS is not an operation, either sanctioned or part of the American military or intelligence community. It is born of a group that claims religious and geographic loyalties, shall we say, but that are also very enmeshed in the old paradigms of power for power’s sake in terms of control, and in terms of money.

Now, you know that I do not very often speak of money other than spiritual currency, and that is something entirely different that I would encourage each of you to look at. But ISIS is a group whose allegiance is primarily to itself. Can we use the term “to the Founding Fathers”?

Now, there is a desire, and a very well-funded desire, on their part to re-establish a regime of the old that was also based on power and control. So it is not an ancient dream of the glories of Persia. Let us be very clear about that.

It is about control of resources, particularly oil fields, of which they control and receive substantial revenues every day. It is about the money they hold that they have captured from the Iraqi treasury. It is about their control of the people through torture, murder, death and fear, so that the populace does not agree with them; they simply move out of their way so they will not be killed.

There is a very big substantial difference in this. Now, on our side, and with your star brothers and sisters, we are doing a great deal to work with ISIS. The full extent of which we cannot tell you. But let us say that many of our resources are focusing on this area at this time because it is critical to many other events, what you think of as physical and spiritual events unfolding.

There is a great deal of jockeying on the part of the United States of America and the powers that be in Syria and Iraq, and although it has been quiet, Afghanistan, and to some extent Pakistan. So there is a power jockeying in that front, but let us also be clear, peace can not be won by the exchange of gunfire, of missiles, of hand-to-hand combat, of people cowering in caves or basements to stay safe!

None of this results in lasting peace. It is exactly the same game. It is power trying to wrench control, because it believes it can, because it has the force and the money to do so. That is not in alignment, not with the human plan, not with the plan of Gaia, and not with the plan of the Universal Mother.
So this cannot continue.

SB: Lord, in the couple of minutes we have left, some readers have asked me, why is this happening if these top leaders are in containment? Can you tell us what containment does and what containment isn’t designed to do so that we can understand how there can be so much chaos and yet containment is happening, please?

AAM: Not all of these leaders are in containment. Some of them are there to, quite literally, bring this very issue to conclusion so that peace may reign upon the planet. But do not stop, dear hearts, using, particularly the Mother’s blue topaz box. I encourage you to do so daily.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: And go in peace.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.
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