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Oversoul Teachings Q&A's: Contact With ‘Silver Beings’

Channeled Through Wes Annac On 9-23-14

As long as you’re unwilling to take up the creative ventures so many of you are destined to take up in this transformative time of heightened consciousness and awareness, you’ll have difficulty finding the divine flow you seek.

You can feel and access this flow at any given time, but it requires the willingness to allow your ego-driven perception and everything that comes with it to fade and be replaced with the infinite, omnipotent love of your opening and expanding hearts.

You have the opportunity to feel and radiate an increasing amount of pure love energy for the rest of humanity to absorb and benefit from, but you have to be committed to your missions if you want your work to reach the millions of other people it can potentially reach and touch their hearts in a way that inspires them to become active in raising humanity’s vibration.

You have the complete and full ability to do anything and everything your put your minds to, but the ego will do everything in its power to stop you from living up to your potential.

We highly recommend soaring in the face of any attempts on the part of the ego to keep you from doing the things you’re on the earth to do, and the longer you let yourselves be held back by its attempts, the longer you’ll seem to continue to falter.

Willingness to Work Hard

We note that many of you are more than ready to start flowing in ways you haven’t yet been able to, but you’ll have to be willing to work hard when you could otherwise rest or keep yourselves from completing your respective missions.

You’re each on the earth to do wonderfully pure, potent and helpful things that will go on to uplift the rest of humanity into positions where they’re also able to contribute to your ongoing conscious revolution, and you’re being given the love and support of waves of guides and angles who watch you experience the stress, pain and frustration of the earth with love in our one heart and the willingness to do everything we can to help you see the light.

As we and plenty of others have said before, creativity will help you find the higher state of consciousness so many of you seek, and we never recommend departing your creativity in favor of other things that, as you’ll find, don’t satisfy you nearly as much.

Creativity is more important than we can hope to express, because it helps you find the brimming state of consciousness that seems unattainable otherwise. It’s very attainable, but it won’t just come to you – you have to willingly reach out your arms and grasp it.

You have to be willing to follow the creative routes you enjoy if you want to do anything significant or find a higher vibration, and as long as your willingness is stronger than your illusory tiredness, fatigue or depletion, you won’t have any trouble finding the creative flow you seek.

For many of you, the creative acts you enjoy the most are becoming far easier and more enjoyable to do, so why not pursue them with all of yourselves? Why not do everything you can to find and remain in the loving, creative flow you enjoy so much?

From our perspective, it makes perfect sense to embrace your creative routes and continuously occupy yourselves with them, because many of you are on the earth for the sole purpose of doing them!

You’re obviously on the earth to do more than simply express your creativity, but this is the biggest aspect of your missions on the earth at this time. Embrace your unfolding missions, and always keep in mind that you’re intended to spread the light from a dark place that’s seemed void of light for millennia.

You’re on the earth to help everyone around you become aware of the idea that something real and pure could possibly exist beyond their conscious understanding, and the best way to do this is to continuously pour your loving energy through your creative works.

You’ll find that your creativity is dull and un-enjoyable if you don’t remember to integrate love into it, and in everything you do, you’re intended to express as much and as pure love as you can muster up.

We can’t express enough that tiredness and depletion are only as real as you let them be, and if you feed the idea that you’re too depleted to do or complete any given creative work, you’ll create this reality for yourselves. We can say with absolute assurance that if you’re awake and willing enough in your minds and hearts, your bodies will happily catch up.

It goes without saying by this point that you create your reality, individually and collectively, but a lot of souls still have yet to realize that in many cases, they create the obstacles that are before them.

The hardest obstacles that seem far too difficult to surpass are, in most cases, created by the seekers who experience them, so we recommend with love that you surpass your self-created obstacles and hindrances and see that you’re on the earth for a very real and important purpose.

You can easily surpass any self-created obstacles that stand in your way, and your willingness to surpass them and enjoy your creative flow will always be important. You can’t do anything helpful or significant if you’re stuck in the illusory, depleted frame of mind and heart that so many of you are ready to exit, and with this said, we’ll answer the question we’ve been given today.

Question: Silver Beings

“I Have been contacted twice by ‘Silver Beings’ the second time I was taken to their ship where I was levitating with my twin, I looked and noticed the Silver Beings where wearing AA Michaels colors and I than saw I/we were one of them, wearing the same colors, as sacred acts were being performed the energy was intense.
“I could see the chakras spinning outside our bodies.
“My question is..what are the Silver Beings wearing AA Michaels colors and how was it I could see the chakras spin as if on the outside of the body?”
You, dear reader, are part of a wave of seekers who are starting to experience real and genuine contact with your higher self and guides. Your higher self wasn’t quite present during this experiences of yours, but the sliver beings donning Archangel Michael’s colors were your closest and most front-and-center guides.

Michael himself wasn’t present in person during this experience, but he was there in another form, watching and assisting your guides with their contact.

You’re intended to use your experiences with your guides to raise your vibration and the rest of humanity’s, and there are plenty of ways you can do this. You can write about your experiences or connect with your guides throughout your daily existence, and you can even channel them if you feel inspired.

You can also produce a wealth of spiritually uplifting material with their assistance.

Even though you’ve just begun to glimpse their presence purely, they’re constantly with you and they constantly seek to offer you their advice and guidance in hopes that it helps you find a purer, more spiritually aware state of consciousness as you go about your daily life.

We recommend you look out for signs of their presence around you, and we also recommend you look out for more, deeper and realer encounters with them – in your dreams, your meditations and at various other times when your perception of them is sharpened.

They’ll continue to be with you as your consciousness and awareness continue to rise, and if you ever have any doubts about their authenticity as your front-and-center guides, you can ask your higher self to affirm if they are indeed who they present themselves to you as.

They displayed the colors they did in an effort to display their association with Archangel Michael, who’s also one of your prominent guides (and the prominent guide of a lot of earthly seekers), and they did this in a partial attempt to help you feel more comfortable with them because they knew you’d recognize Michael’s colors.

These guides, as well as Michael and every other guide currently assisting humanity, want you to feel as comfortable with them as you can, and the more you connect with them, the more comfortable you’ll begin to become and the purer the connection will be with each attempt you make to open up.

Invite these guides into your perception in every moment if possible, and let them know that you’re open and ready to connect with them whenever the time ‘feels’ right, because they have a lot to offer you in terms of personal evolutionary assistance.

The higher selves and guides of every seeker have a lot to offer, and they wait for each of you to open up to their loving energy and advice. You, dear reader, are intended and encouraged to connect with your guides as often as you can, because you have a lot of divinely inspired work to do.

Again, you’re intended to use your connection to uplift yourself and the rest of humanity, and realizing this in a pure sense is the first step to using the connection you’re now able to make for positive and progressive purposes.

Enjoyable Responsibility

Should you decide to commit to the role of communicating with these guides more personally, you’ll not only be given more direct visions but you’ll face a lot of responsibility – responsibility you’ll enjoy, of course, because with it will come a much stronger and more affirmed connection than you previously enjoyed.

Your ability to reach a higher state of consciousness every day will grow with each attempt you make to connect with these guides, and despite the responsibility that will be bestowed unto you, you’ll find a greater sense of wholeness and passion by connecting with them than you’ve felt about nearly anything else in the past.

All of this starts with your decision to embrace your guides and use the connection you can make with them to help all of humanity become aware of the reality of the spiritual realms and the souls who exist in them, and we say with love that your journey has truly just begun.

You’ve just begun to perceive and communicate with your guides in the real and pure way you now can, and you’ve just begun to use this connection the way it’s meant to be used – as something that helps not only you, but the rest of humanity see that the higher realms do indeed exist and wait for you to pick up on them.

With this connection will come the responsibility to continuously offer yourself as a conduit for the expressions of your guides and the higher-vibrational energy and wisdom they’re ready to impart onto all of humanity, and even if channeling doesn’t resonate with you or you don’t think it’s an ability you can hone, master or even pick up on, we wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace it because it’ll help you raise the planetary vibration more than almost anything else.

If there are other creative routes you feel more passionate about, however, feel free to pursue them but with the input and influence of your guides.

No matter what you choose to do to assist in the restoration of consciousness, your guides are with you to help you do it and you only need to keep opening up to them and remain open to the direct experiences you can have with them to access and benefit from the sacred wisdom they’re imparting onto your mind and heart.

They’re here for you in every moment, and you’re endlessly encouraged to embrace the idea that you can constantly connect with them and deliver a wealth of flowing insight.

You certainly can, but like anything else, believing in your abilities is essential to successfully doing anything. Allow love to flow from your heart at all times, and you won’t have any difficulty connecting with your guides or finding the heart-centered space that will strengthen your connection.

As far as the chakras that spun outside of their etheric bodies – as your consciousness continues to rise and you eventually re-reach the higher realms, you’ll find that you not only possess many more chakras than the basic seven, but that they actually vibrate outside of your etheric body.
They’re able to exist far outside of your bodies, and in some cases, one’s chakras will exist miles away from their bodies for the purpose of picking up on a unique shade or purity of energy.

Chakras will also vibrate outside of the etheric body so they can funnel their energy to specific and unique locations, and your guides’ chakras were outside of their bodies because they were being used to offer you a wealth of energy that helped you be comfortable with the experience, which could’ve otherwise been very startling.

If you’re keen to meditate, we encourage you to envision various chakras beyond the basic seven floating outside of your body and blessing various people on your planet who could use the upliftment their energy will provide, and you’ll eventually find that your chakras aren’t limited to you or the space around you by any means.

They, like many other aspects of your light bodies, are freer and more liberated than you can currently fathom, and you’ll discover and enjoy the same level of liberation when you’re back in the higher realms.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for how receptive a growing number of conscious souls are becoming to the energies and expressions of their respective higher selves and guides.

You’re each doing far more than you realize or give yourselves credit for, and if you ever do give in to the illusory depletion you’re ready to transcend, keep in mind that even when you think you’re inactive, you’ve done and will continue to do quite a lot.

The missions of many of you will strengthen from here on out, and all we can advise is to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. You’ll soon be far busier than many of you currently are, and you’ll enjoy everything you do instead of feeling like it drags on your wellbeing or your sense of enjoyment.

You’ll work hard and enjoy the work you constantly do, and you’ll feel far more whole and uplifted than you did when you fed the pains and stresses of daily earthly life. This time isn’t far off, and as always, you can pull it to yourselves with a little bit of will and intention.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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