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Who Are The Elohim?

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Posted by Steve Beckow

The word “Elohim” in the Old Testament is often interpreted as God. But the Council of Nine tells us: “We wish you to know we are not God.” (1)

They came forth from the One immediately after the Trinity emerged, according to Levi:

“The One [Father, Parabrahman] became the Two [Father Brahman and Mother Shakti]; the Two became the three [with the Son or Atman], the Three evolved the Seven [Elohim], which filled the universe with manifests.” (2)

They don’t generally wander the cosmos, as we do. “It was not our destiny, to journey through the Cosmos, like you do, as the Cosmos is forever in Us,” they said through Ute Possega-Rudel.

“We are the Radiant Light, that you perceive. We are Keepers of Light and we are Creator Gods, also called the Elohim of the Great Central Sun.” (3)

Archangel Michael calls them “the Elohim, the mental radiance of the Creator, the great builders of form.” (4) They speak a language of Light, Ute’s sources tell us, and invite us to remember.

“There is only one true language, it is the language of Light. And it is tantamount to and the other face of Love. It is Ecstasy. We are Ecstasy. Remember!” (5)

IlliaEm tells us that “as an Elohim, my abilities are completely liberated from all of your perceived limitations of time and space.” (6) They can enter form and return to formlessness, as they wish.

“We are able to be both: light-form and formlessness. We have confined our absolute freedom only to this degree. We are capable to release the connection with form any time and Be Pure Light of the Central Sun. For you, existing in great density, this is difficult to imagine.” (7)

In terms of their evolution, Archangel Michael told us on An Hour with an Angel that “they are amongst the highest of the high, as you well know.” (8) He went on to reveal that “the elohim … are in a favored position in that they can pretty much go home any time they choose.”

“Going home” means to return again to the One. Beings who go home emerge again to serve the will of the One when needed.

Can they incarnate? I asked him. “Yes, they can,” he replied. (9) And yet, as incredible as it may sound, they face the same problems we do when they incarnate in this dense body. He tells us:

Steve Beckow: I know incarnated elohim. And yet they are in this human body, and it places limitations on them. I so often have such trouble with that, that the human body can be so non-conductive a material that it can hold, say, even a seraphim or an elohim back from remembering. … Am I correct in saying that?

Archangel Michael: You are correct in saying that until they break through. And when they break through, there is no stopping them.

SB: And they can break through while in the human body?

AAM: That is correct. (10)

An incarnated Elohim can even make mistakes. I know that from experience.

Steve Beckow: I know one elohim who is incarnated. And they can make mistakes. So, again, this human body is such a powerful contrarium.

Archangel Michael: But it is a situation we will not interfere with. You see… yes. This issue of mistakes, of missteps… But this is also part of free will. That is what will never be tampered with, because it is part of the design of the kingdom of your species. So, can an archangel or an elohim make a mistake, and experience what it is to be human? Most certainly. (11)

Sue Lie’s sources tell us that Arcturians are Elohim, something I didn’t know before.

“Arcturians are actually Elohim, as Elohim are builders and holders of form. The Arcturians participated in the initial model of the Adam Kadmon, the original human form of Lightbody. … The Arcturians specialize in Ascension.” (12)

We heard Ute’s sources say that “the Cosmos is forever in Us.” The Heavenly Hosts tell us that the Elohim precipitated this reality out of their beingness.

“Everything that you will be witnessing now is part of the completion that was seeded at the inception of the ‘idea’ that resulted in this portion of reality. When the Elohim came together to precipitate this reality out of their beingness, they did so according to the template brought forth from the Mind of God.

“They were co-creators, not THE Creator, and they did the work OF the Creator, in service TO the Creator.” (13)

IlliaEm describes how the Elohim work in the process of creation.

“We Elohim receive the Immaculate Concept from the Source of All That Is and begin the long process of merging spirit into matter to create a form for every Divine Ideal. Our process begins in the eleventh/twelfth dimensions and continues into worlds of matter.” (14)

Archangel Michael explains that “the Creator Light pours forth from the cosmic treasury of Light to be used by the Elohim and Builders of Form.” (15)

This race of beings has built everything we see and don’t see, on this dimension and all others. Tomorrow we’ll look at their work on Ascension.


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