Friday, September 26, 2014

Collective Energetic Body Upgrade - Complete

Most people on a spiritual path at some point understand the power of their thoughts, beliefs, and their ethos. It drives them to guard their beliefs and dreams against a reality that intentionally uses external forces to try to manipulate and define them. We then begin to use our words consciously in prayer and in mantras, we day dream often, we often see a world others can't - always with the attempt to impact the collective and our individual realities with more light. In doing this, we take back our creative power. We slowly heal our chakras to spin clockwise, which then allows our inner mental projection to SPIN OUT towards the physical; as opposed to our chakras spinning counter-clockwise inwards, with the external forces having power over us and our thoughts.

This process can be compared to a computer system where our mental body (or input device), can then flow our thoughts or creations or data through with more clarity and force, through the respective energy bodies, to the energetic body, which then processes or transmutes this input data into our physical reality for us to see and experience.

Up until now, our current reality has been manipulated by people who worship the imbalanced masculine energy. This has been called many things from satan, luciferian, illuminati, the dark, etc.. The masculine energy imbalanced can mean many different things, but to simply, let's just stick with the idea of being and having more than others and needing others to be less than in order to feed one's ego. Through their symbolism, rituals (highly energetically charged 'thoughts) and their ability to control the external world with lower / masculine vibrating creations including conflict, war, fear, debt, power over others, excessive authority, and sex without love, they have been able to easily manipulate the masses in this reality. Since the external world impacts such a large percentage of people's thoughts and realities (whose chakras are spinning counter clockwise) in this world, the dark has been able to control the collective reality of this planet.

Many people understand that a huge change is coming, a golden age so to speak, they know that the dark will lose their power, but they have very different opinions on how this will happen.

The Collective Energetic Body [Heart Chakra]:

All of our individual power, including the dark ones, is based upon matching our individual frequency to the collective energetic body. This collective energy body is like a computer processor that transmutes all of our thoughts/beliefs into something physical that we can see. It acts as an interface between our mental body and physical realities in the spiritual realm. Think about who has had power or support to create in this reality - mainly those that create with, worship, and/or embody the masculine energies.

Our collective energetic body or processor has been manipulated and stuck in our solar plexus - very intentionally by the 'dark', which is tuned to filters through or process only energies of that frequency. Note, that there are rare individuals in our history, for the sake of advancing our evolution, that have been able to penetrate this energetic filter and connect into the light and the truth, despite having a different frequency than our collective energetic body. [Jesus, Buddha, etc..]

The earth's collective energetic body has successfully been upgraded to the heart chakra - this is complete as of this week. This upgrade is typically a natural step in evolution on a more conscious planet; however due to the grip of the dark, this has been an ongoing, very difficult energetic battle for the past 7+ years. Many people that serve the light, in so many different roles, have been involved in this mission.

All individual thoughts are in the process of being routed out of the old solar plexus collective portal, into the upgraded collective energetic body or the heart chakra. From here, all individual thoughts are magnetized and then disperse into a new energetic grid (or network). Once this upgraded 'system' is ignited, those that are aligned with the frequency codes / keys (or simply the ability to plug into this upgraded physical network / reality) will gradually assume power over their individual lives again.

This re-entering of society, is truly a rebirth for all involved. We will see all current external authority figures start to crumble quickly. [Note: I do not know what will ignite this or what will trigger this 'changeover' - however, I have never been guided to post my channeled information before due to my role needing to be sort of behind the scenes. I have been pushed to publish this, so I can imagine this will occur very soon].

Individuals can not buy their way into this frequency like you could in the old. Doing a ritual such as dumping water over your head to symbolize repentance for sins won't cut it. The higher frequency is for those that hold the utmost integrity, empathy, compassion, and love, for all. That frequency or those qualities so to speak, can not be 'faked' or bought like the so called 'power' of the dark's circus show and Hollywood/Government/ Royalty 'clowns'. Holding this truth can only be done by walking the path of the individual, no one can do it for you. A knowing and loving of others that can only be earned through humility, shame, pain, sadness, seeing yourself in all others and the ultimate transformation of those emotions into grace for others. Healing all separation that you may still embody. To understand your power as co-creator in the higher realms is truly earned by grace.

Those that have been unplugging themselves from the old grid in anticipation for this event, know with all of your being who you are. All of your grueling, brutal, next to impossible hard work was for this upcoming moment. The clearing of lower energies and integrating the higher frequencies that have been sent to us from our friends above. The learning to love our shadow sides and the reclaiming of our lives as our creations, as we experienced the bad, the ugly, and the Oh heck no I can't believe that I am creating this. The countless ego deaths that were not unlike real deaths, the re-programming of our thoughts, and the ultimate healing of our energetic fragmentation and holes in our energy bodies. All of this work was leading up to give us the ability to embrace these new frequencies of energy and to allow them flow through us without any leaks - fully focused.

The relentless letting go of our entire ability to have a life and ability to function in the old physical world, year after year as we stared out the same old windows holding faith - that time is over. As we bravely encountered all life situations that were painfully guiding us to this upcoming moment. All of this work, so that our heart chakras can be activated fully, on an individual and collective level.

This changeover will require some time of healing at an individual level for the remaining collective. Those that are imbalanced from a masculine sense, that had the pseudo power in this reality, will fall the hardest. They are not used to feeling emotions, so there may be a time of madness and excruciating pain for them as they truly understand and see themselves and the chaos, pain, control and suffering that they are projecting onto this reality.

We must remember and honor that everyone's highest form of reality must be expressed. In this time especially, with their expected lashing out, the feeling of their pain, the blaming of us - honor their expression with detachment. We have been there, we understand how difficult and painful it is to see and feel this chaos and our shadow self - the wars, killing, suffering, the manipulation, the enslaving and treatment of our animal families, the lies, and the brutal environment we are all responsible for.

So remind yourself in the time to come, that even when we see people struggling, dealing with their pain, that we must love them and allow them to express their individual emotions freely - even if this shows up in them as anger. Allowing them to feel the pain and express it, enables them to see their shadow self, coupled with the neutrality of love which diffuses the negative charge of their projection and allows their fragmentation and ego to heal. To love them, as them fall to their knees in realizing they are 'nothing' [whatever 'nothing' means to them], is the biggest gift we can give them. When they fall to their knees, don't lecture, don't preach - give them a hand, and help them stand back up. At the end of the day, we are all nothing, empty vessels, that have the same god energy flowing through us, and when we all stand together with that perspective and understanding - this world will look very different.

In the days to come, our frequency, our light, our love of ourselves, our love of our lives, our love of mother nature and animals, and the love that we put into the power of our future creations will attract others as they wander through their dark nights. But ultimately, the power lies in them as individuals, in that their true heartfelt intent, is the only key that can open the door.

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