Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hathors: The Photon Belt Update


Channeled by Anna Merkaba On 9-25-14

Dearly beloved children of light and dearly beloved children of love; dearly beloved children of the moon, the sun and the stars, [ed - borderline smarmy intro ]

As you continue your journey through the photonic belt of your creator selves, as you continue your journey on Mother Ship Earth, the consciousness of your creator selves is merging with the consciousness of those dwelling therein, and raising the vibratory impulses of the planet – assisting it from within and sending the signal of light to without.

The energy that you generate, fully and completely from within the heart codices of your DNA structure, is sending a signal to the cosmic getaways – measuring the level of intensity – measuring the level of the structural components of your DNA and adjusting the flow of energy to earth in unison – in response to your generated field of energetic proportions.

Once again, through the sacred heart space of your creator selves, you are spinning an energy field into existence, allowing it to become a force shield if you will. [It becomes a] generator of energies, and collector of the energies that are plummeting the planet at this given moment in time.

The portals that are being opened by you, the portals that are bridging the gap between the present reality of your selves and the reality with which you wish to merge, are once again generated by your very own hearts. And hence, we repeat that the activation of your internal grids is the most important step that you to take toward oneness and unity.

Only through the clearing of your own heart space, through the activation of your own heart’s DNA, and through the clearing out of that which no longer belongs, will you be able to become that which you have come here to be. You will be able to take on your respective roles and to assist those whom you have come here to assist.

Let us then explain to you in your human language for you to understand that which is occurring presently on your planet.

Many of you have begun to feel the tremendous shifts taking place within your own realities. Many of you are seeing that which we have promised you would experience.

As you are presently moving through the photon corridor of creator, and merging two distinct fields into one whole, two distinct fields of two distinct realities are becoming more evidently clear.

[There is a separating of] the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’, and a simultaneous merging of it into oneness, into one whole. [This is occurring] in order to move past the paradigm of yesteryear into the new paradigm, the new reality of your being, the new reality of understanding and incorporating both polarities into one inevitable and infinite whole.

Through the incarnation of the vehicle which you see unfolding before you, through the vehicle of your creator selves, you are bringing forth the necessary changes into your beings.

You are bringing forth all that you are, allowing these energies to work with the encodings within the structural components of your DNA codices to bring forth the new programming with which you have been infused before being incarnated on planet earth.

[You are] bringing with you the wisdom of the ages, the technological understanding of the world that is yet to come, the emotional frequency of the unconditional love of the eternal OM.

Many of you who have awakened have not fully understood the reason for your being, for many of you are walking in the shadows of your ego-selves. For many of you this phase is about to end; and a new unison, a new reality, [will] take hold of your beings. The reality that you are about to encompass, the reality that you are about to spin into the world in which you dwell, shall shake you to the core of your being.

For all that you have believed to be of difficulty shall begin to come to you with ease. All that you believed not to exist shall present itself to you fully and completely.

You shall begin serendipitously meeting those with whom you are to collaborate on various objectives set forth by your own higher consciousness, your own higher creator selves.

Meeting with absolute ‘strangers’ shall turn into magnanimous life-changing events for many of you. For indeed the time has come to merge the powers of your creator selves – to merge the powers of that which you are – in order to utilize the United energies in building a new foundation on planet earth.

For indeed phase one has come to completion and phase two has commenced. As such, the new vocations, new understandings, new encounters, new realities,  and new experiences are unfolding rapidly for many of you. Many of you who are allowing such synchronicities to enter your psyche, many of you who are ready to take on your active roles in the game of life!

Many of you shall and will and have felt the disconnectedness from your vessels, from your very selves, as you have moved through the vortex of the full moon of yesteryear.

Many have indeed shed much of their old paradigms and allowed the energies to cleanse them and prepare them for what’s to come.

Many have finally tapped into the understanding of their DNA structures. Many have allowed, and in continuing to allow, welcomed such such experiences into their lives. Many have indeed experienced oneness. Many have indeed experienced their godlike selves; for indeed you are gods – for indeed is so.
And so and thus comes a moment in time in which you are to take action – action of your respective roles. Listen carefully as you are being guided to maneuver the seeming darkness of your world.

The chaos that you are experiencing is simply a recalibration of energies. The two worlds of your divine selves are merging into one complete whole, one complete understanding of life, one compete understanding of reality.

The reality in which your human selves have not previously dwelt – the reality in which you shall find and are finding yourselves – is the reality that is here to stay.

[This is] the reality of love, the reality of light, the reality of unconditional co-creation of eternal bliss, joy and health. – bliss, joy and health of your very vehicle – joy, bliss and understanding of your very soul.

You are the ones who have come to illuminate the path for those who have come before you. You are the ones who have come to enlighten the path of your very own selves. You are the ones who have come to enlighten the path for those that shall come after you. You are the ones who have returned, and indeed you are the ones who have never left.

You are GODS – gods of your creator selves – gods of all that you see before you. And as such, you are to take active roles in the co-creation of everything that you wish to manifest into your reality.

Many upon many ways of being shall be revealed to you in the days to come. Much of the information [for which] you are eagerly awaiting shall be brought into your psyche by your own higher selves.

Much of this information is already readily available for your taking. Much of said information shall magically manifest from within the space codes of your heart.

You are the ones who shall go deep within and extract such information from your higher selves. For you must fully understand your present reality in order to comprehend your mission here on earth.

And so, we leave you with a new message of understanding: Allow that which you are to shine through. Doubt yourself not, for you already know all that there is.

Allow yourself to Remember that which you have come here to be. Allow, and Be, in the Now moment of time. Allow and utilize the energies, as they are unleashed into your world, to assist you.

We, the Hathors, the forefathers of your vehicles of creation that you call the human bodies, are standing before you. [We are] once again in line with you energies – once again, with open arms and open hearts, ready to assist you.

[We are] ready to guide you, ready to be guided by you. [We are] standing by your sides as you plunge ahead and lead humanity out of the veil of forgetfulness and onto the magic road leading them to their true magnificent selves.

WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer – Channeler – Lightworker – Author. Video for this channeling: Watch Here.

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