Monday, September 22, 2014

Eternally Born...

We return....
Put your human traits aside for a moment...when you don't have human fears and doubts what do you have? Even farther than that put your human bodies aside for a moment...when you don't have the outer shell what do you have?

The most loving masters have come into physicality and laid down their temples to be first hand examples of what you have when you lay down both of these things. You have Source...God the Father/Mother.

Of course these words call on duality...but is a very easy way to describe both sides of the Source to those who do not remember the Unity of what it really is. Any physicality is a lower vibrating piece of the Eternal energy. Whether you are in one of the highest dimensions you are still a lower vibrating version of source. You could say that you Are a mother/father to God because through you more of the source is created. So in a sense you create each other.

How long will you let others convince you that you need to work hard or need other forms of life to help you to become what you already are? It is a matter of claiming the power that you ARE.You need nothing more than to LOVE. You were Eternally Born...and you are continually Eternally Born.

Until the point where all arrives back where it originated and starts again, yet without beginning or end...BE the LOVE that YOU ARE....We take our leave IN LOVE....

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