Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hilarion: Expect the Highest Outcome in All That You Do

Channeled By Marlene Swetlishoff On 9-7-14


Beloved Ones,
You are now playing a waiting game – only you cannot discern the purpose of your waiting.
It is time to step up to the next level of your journey. That which you are waiting for is your own remembrance of the magnificence you are.

This remembrance is coded within you, and it is connected to an event in your life that will or has already taken place.

The way you will know that yours has been activated is by the feeling you experience that there is nothing of the old world that holds any interest for you any longer.

You are more than ready to leave behind all the old programs and beliefs that were not really yours to begin with.

This readiness can sometimes be experienced as depression, lethargy and apathy, the feeling that nothing will ever get better in your day-to-day life, and [the feeling] that there is only chaos and dissolution that surrounds you. Know that when you are experiencing this you will soon be moving into a higher octave and frequency.

What is called for now is to foster the feeling of gratitude and praise for every moment of your daily life. For every negating thought you have find ten things in your life to be grateful for, and praise yourself for each one.

Every time a self-defeating thought surfaces from deep within, take the time to make a list of ten things that are good and are working in your life, even if it seems mundane to your perceptions.

The point is to train your mind to think only empowering and nurturing thoughts so that you draw to yourself all that you desire to experience in your daily life.

The work that must be done now is to love and nurture yourself. Each of you is very good, even excellent, at giving to others what they need, but it is now the time to do good to yourselves daily.

This might seem like a chore at first and you may feel it is a silly waste of time; but I assure you, Dear Ones, that it is crucial that you continue.

In order to live a magical life, you must BE the magic; and you cannot BE the magic if you do not love and honor yourself first. A healthy love of self is required to create the life of your dreams.

You must know and feel that you deserve the best life yet. You must also start on that path and get out of waiting mode, for it is yourselves that you have been waiting for. The divine within you is experiencing life as You!

You have all the resources you need within you, and this needs to be tapped into. This will require daily periods of quiet stillness so that you can connect to your core essence.

Even five minutes spent in stillness and meditation will reap many benefits for you, and this practice will also raise your frequency level, which needs to be maintained and sustained so that you can move to an even higher level.

There is always reward from the universe for sustained focus and commitment on a daily basis. As you flourish in every facet of your life the gap between cause and effect diminishes, and the flow of joyous events in your life becomes manifest through the magic that you embody.

As you let your former limitations drop away you release yet another area that allows greater life force to fill you, nourish you and sustain you.

In this ongoing releasing and cleansing process, you allow your Higher Self, your Soul, to become a more powerful influence within you; and your daily life begins to radiate your true brilliance in all its aspects.

This turn of events brings more gratitude and praise. More heartfelt enthusiasm and passion to well up within you, and soon you will find yourselves in a state of continual joy and bliss.

The high spirits you experience will encourage you to stay on this path, and the thought of going back to lower density will be totally repugnant to you.

It will also allow a powerful and joyful creative energy to fill you and work through you.

The gifts you have carried within your DNA are activated and turned on, and you begin to share your gifts with others around you.

You gain a clarity of mind that is attuned to the promptings within your heart, and you know always the right thing for you to do. These are some of the initial openings that are now occurring, and they will lead to even greater abilities as they are processed.

Expect the highest outcome in all that you do, and most importantly of all, Believe in yourselves.
Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.www.therainbowscribe.com, www.movingintoluminosity.com

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