Friday, September 19, 2014

The Creators: Aware & Awake

Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 9-20-14


Enlightenment “By now, you understand the true nature of your being. You are aware and you are awake. And in some ways, there is nothing left to do. There is nothing that you must achieve. There is no series of steps that you must perform. We want you to give yourselves credit for having woken up in this day and age in the type of society that you live in. This information is not taught in your schools. It is not broadcast on your televisions. You are pioneers in this day and age.

To know yourselves as Source Energy is a pretty big accomplishment, and you deserve to celebrate yourselves for having made that realization in this lifetime. And so what else is there for you to do, now that you have this information? Well, for one, you can begin to enjoy yourselves. You can let go of all of your attachments. You can sit quietly and listen. You can enjoy a sunset. You can stare at a puffy cloud. You can breathe the air. You can dance and you can sing. And you can forget anything and everything that may look like a trouble, a problem, or something that you need to worry about.

Because as Source Energy beings, you recognize that everything is. That is all. You are everything and everything is. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It just is. So, have the experience of your life that you choose to have. Know that you don’t need to hasten your expansion or your ascension, or your evolution. These things are automatic. It is built in to your structure. You don’t need to worry about being left behind in this process. In fact, you are the leaders of it.

So the best thing that you can do now that you know yourselves as Source is to live like you know yourselves as Source. It is that easy. Be aware. Be awake. Be one with your environment, and everything else will truly take care of itself. We want you to relax, enjoy, be at peace, and love like you have no shortage at all of that frequency.”

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