Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9 – Strongest Gate To Date? A Note for Gatekeepers

By Sandra Walter

Creative Evolution 9-8-14

Blessings Beloved Gatekeepers,
I understand that our task can be both glorious and frustrating during these waves of New Light. Last week’s (huge) revelation flashes flowed into SuperMoon intensity, and the final punch of this Gate hits today, 9/9.

I AM guided as we approach Full Moon peak to remind every Gatekeeper that our agreement to serve as conduits – and to OPEN interdimensional portals for this New Light – is KEY to prepare the collective consciousness for the Equinox-Blood Moon combo of the next few weeks.

Despite the drag on the collective consciousness (by both unawakened and awakened) when energies like this arrive, let us be diligent in our work here.

– Open the portals and gates in your sector. Expand them as wide as possible.

– Anchor the intent with crystals in the ground.

– Get fluids with your light signature on the ground (blood, water) with the highest intention as we work with the DNA component.

– When you open the torus to serve as a pure conduit, be sure to connect with the awakened HUman heart grid and crystalline grids.

– If guided, thread and connect the light to Shasta, she is incredibly intense as she upgrades her Central-Sun-type capabilities.

Blessings on the transmuters as well during this passage – there is a heck of a lot of clearing going on. Know your role and serve well, beloveds.

In Love, Light and Service,


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