Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Council: This Resonates With Me

As promised, we will speak of why these messages, meaning those we send through this channel as well as others, resonate with you and where they are meant to take you.

Now, if we were to ask each of you why these messages resonate with you, as you say, we would very likely get a variation of ‘because I recognize truth in them’. That is more or less the meaning of ‘resonates with me’, is it not? And you might stop inquiring at that point. We ask you to look much deeper, and we do that in order to lead you deeper into your understanding of who you are. This is critical to your progress. At some point you must finally learn and celebrate who and what you are.

Allow us to offer just one further idea for you to consider, if we may. The truth that you recognize is not a truth that you were taught as a child. It is not something that was universally accepted in your family or peer group. What is happening is that when you see such truth, such a concept, your inner Self, Higher Self, True Self, and thus this council itself, is saying YES!

Now it may take many forms, depending on what will best get through to you at the time, up to and including chills and ‘truth bumps’. But you are being led, all of you, to a far greater understanding of what it is to be you, and that for the very best of reasons. You are in the midst of a very important time and you have a very important job.

Now, before that little tidbit sends you off on flights of grandeur or into depths of despair, let us give you a bit of comfort. While some of you may indeed have involved yourselves in tasks of seeming great import, THE task of great import of which you are all a part is simply to be, at long last, the fullness of what you were created to be.
Let all the hoopla of how that is or is not happening and why fall away. Just make it your priority, your intense focus, to complete that journey. If you can do that, all the rest will fall into place.

We used a short phrase above that we would revisit in order to bring it into your consciousness in greater focus. We said, “your inner Self, Higher Self, True Self, and thus this council itself”. Did you catch that? We know we have said, here and other places, many times over the past years that we are always with you. It is the truth, you see, that we are in fact as much a part of the One as you are, and you are as much a part of the one as we are. We are not, and cannot be, separated from you. There are no secrets. There are no prayers unheard. There are no prayers unanswered. There are more than a few answers unheard, but that is another subject.

In today’s context, if we may point this out, this means that we are sending you a message, through the voice or writings of another, and then we are hollering “Yes” in your ear, or heart, or gut when you receive it. That is what you call ‘resonate’. Make the connection and you will see that you are far more sensitive that you are giving yourselves credit for. Make the connection and you will begin to understand that you are receiving from us yourself.

And so, where will this all lead you? It is intended to lead you to more and better communication between yourself and your Self. It is ultimately intended to bring you to a far greater realization of just who you are, of who and what humanity is. This is our purpose and our entire focus at this time.

Now in order to help you along and motivate you further, let us agree with your understanding that you will pick up some rather interesting capabilities along the way. We offer however, that it will serve you best to treat these as useful tools and not as goals in themselves. Keep as you goal the expansion of your consciousness and raising of your frequencies. The rest will take care of itself.

This is enough for one day, we think. Your equinox approaches. There is a rise in frequency and intensity. Perhaps we will visit his topic when we return. Good day.

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