Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Arcturian High Council’s View Of Its Ascension Ground Crew


By Steve Beckow On 9-4-14

On March 17, 2013, I had a reading with Sue Lie’s Arcturians (because I’m an Arcturian). And they took me on a guided visualization to explain to me the difference between matters as their Ascension ground crew sees them and as the High Council who direct the ground crew sees them.
 They make subtle distinctions here but helpful to those in the ground crew.

Arcturians:  We will joyfully take you on an experience of reality in the manner in which we perceive it.

You are a visitor and you have now come to visit with a higher purpose that cannot be fully diminished [or translated] into human language.

We are placing in Suzille’s mind a picture of a very high mountain peak with a snow-capped top and of one being of the physical who is taking a very long time with great effort and sacrifice to climb that mountain, forever changing clothing, changing equipment, making new baselines, and eventually entering the freezing top, achieving a victory and then facing the greatest challenge of all, going back down.

From our perspective, we are the mountain. We are the valley below the mountain. We are the mountain range. We are the lowest point of the mountain. We are the tip. We are the snow. We are the refined atmosphere We are every being that tries to climb. We are everything.

So when we speak of the [Arcturian] High Council, what we speak of is those of us who are within each moment of the Now, speaking from the position at the top of the mountain. That being is what we would call the High Council, which is of course an interdimensional word that we chose because you could understand.

Just like you, even in your time, will not be the person that you are for all of your life. Eventually you will leave this reality. In the same way those of us who are the High Council are not always choosing to speak from the tip of the mountain for remember we are the mountain, we are the range, we are the valley below, we are everything within it.

And we, especially in this time of assisting Gaia through her Ascension process, within the construct of our [Arcturian Ascension] corridor, which is a portal that we maintain around a reality that is on the verge of remembering its true expression.

Those of us that are the maintenance crew, so to speak, of that Arcturian corridor are the ones who are choosing to speak from the base of the mountain for they are helping the people with their transmutational process, and they need to be, so to speak, the closest to them, the closest being a Third-Dimensional term.

However as the ascended ones are blending into their Fifth-Dimensional consciousness, those of us that are choosing within that moment of our Now to focus upon the valley of the mountain can interface with these beings more correctly, more accurately. Are you with us still? Are you understanding us correctly?

S: Yes, I think I am. I am one of those who stands at the base of the mountain, am I not?

A: You have moved to the base of the mountain. Yes, you have, as has Suzille.

S: Right. OK. So, yes, I am following you.

A: And likewise you are still at the peak of the mountain.

S: It’s hard to get my mind around that notion but I do hear you.

A: Well, so is Suzille. So are we all. All of us Arcturians are all one. We do not have ones that are better, ones that are worse, ones that are higher, ones that are least. Those that would be in training would be those that have taken on away missions, those that have taken on density of form and need assistance in their remembering, in thinking in the manner in which we all think.

S: OK, so I’m an extension of the group like a single-celled organism would have an extension of itself in some direction.  Say, a foot of the cell extends in one direction. The single cell is the entire Arcturian body, so to speak.

A: Yes, much as you would see an amoeba and you would see parts of it extend in and out.

S: Yes, and the foot would extend in a certain direction. That’s how it moves.

A: That is correct. Of course much more evolved than an amoeba.

But as it is for the biggest, it is for the smallest. For cosmic truth has no limitation. It is true for all like the Fibernacci scale or a logorhythmic progression. All that is is.

And so when we said we needed our highest ones to assist Gaia at this time, that was an Earth term. And what in reality it meant is that we needed the ones who were the most equipped to deal with it at this time.

We needed the ones who had interfaced with the development of Gaia from the beginning, those who had taken positions of great power on the body of Gaia, those that had the greatest possibility of not becoming lost.
Sue Lie
For as high as we are in the frequency range, again “high” not one of our words, we still can become lost.

S: Oh, I do know that. That’s why I’m seeking your assistance not to get lost at any point.

A: It is a great challenge. And that is why we would choose those who have interfaced with the planet and been able to stay on track. (1)

(1) The Arcturians through Sue Lie, March 17, 2013.

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