Tuesday, September 23, 2014

City of Light Update – Energetic Enrichment

Via Genii Townsend On 9-15-14


The light from behind my usual City gate entrance is quite bright and I seem to be alone.

Then, coming towards me is my City Guide, La-Luke, smiling and remarks, “Looking good?” At which time tears of joy and love flow as I feel this City love so strongly.  Nothing else matters for the moment. “OH MY GOD!” Such love we are to experience in our world as this massive gift of God is descending on us.

This new world will be made with the foundation of only love as the basis of all we do. A new world of love? You bet! The adjustments to be made leaving negativity to be changed to constant positivity, feels really good and worth all the effort being put into this dramatic event… whoopee!

La-Luke and I walk thru the Relaxation Park (rightly named) as it makes one feel really balanced, even if we have no time at the moment to sit on the massage benches. I just want to take it home right now (outside the City.) Just then a pretty bird flies past me and sits on a bench, “Well, guess she needs it.“  Then we see the jolly trolley just ahead, and we pick up our pace leaving the pretty bird hanging on for dear life.

What fun people will have riding on these funny looking trolleys that just float over the ground with no wheels to mark that ground.  You know, somewhere in time with all the daily stuff we have to deal with, we must have done something right to be able to experience the love that is coming forth.
The magnificence of God’s vision for us to not only enjoy, but be healed from as well….oops the trolley slides to a stop and with just the two of us aboard, we step off at the back performers entrance of the Embassy of Peace.

Peace is a great mental centering word, and it is a thrill to be met by hundreds of Light Entities from space who have brought love & light technology to aid our planet’s survival, thus releasing any darkness that may be present. As said, it’s a Divine Done Deal!

OK., moving right along and entering thru the back stage drapes, we are facing a huge unusual audience. One could easily feel like an actress, making her first time grand entrance as the audience stands in welcome.

Wow, all this and love to boot as Ooo-lon comes towards me and I wave with love back to the audience. This is not a Broadway show but. even better. The reviews will be great when this show does open.

What a gift from God, I think, and I get to play in it.

The Embassy’s lead master of light, Ooo-lon, gives me a hug and that in itself is pretty neat.
Ooo-lon says  “Welcome back Lady Light.”

G: “Thank you. Good to be back. How can I be of help at this stage of demonstration appearance, and will everyone be able to see this City at the same time, like I can, and even walk into it? There has been some discussion about some one at a different level of consciousness seeing it, but not others? What can be said on this?”

O: “Those of different levels of advancement, no matter which level, will want to see it and those on lesser levels are the very ones who need what the City brings forth to upgrade thru the City processes.
“We have reported several times that the time of the City appearance is short at best. In what is called the NOW, the NOW as you know it, there is no such thing as time at all.  It just is, no time, it could be any minute. Your patience has been quite welcome. You are seeing weather patterns change drastically and some making history, as has been said. Some are less strong, but nevertheless, a cleansing on several levels is taking place.

“The light of the City is itself strong and as it comes in and meets your own planet’s climate, there can be quite a strong power surge which you call storms.

“The changes have been taking place for eons of time. As the City nears its appearance, the preparation reported on in your books of City Lights makes these visits quite a demonstration in themselves. Details are quite important. So, then anything else to be added?”

G: “Thank you for all and any information you can give us out here trying to piece together this first time ever planetary gift.”

O: “Technically, every part must be perfect for we deal with much light voltage coming thru the high towers which in itself magnifies all that you have seen that is far beyond what you currently have in use on your planet. When it comes to perfection, it must pass many earth barriers that have held the consciousness in low volume for far too long. Expect this to change as low negative thinking will no longer be tolerated or enjoyed.  To change the consciousness of billions of people takes some loving duty, but Genii, you can fully expect this to happen and will report as such.

Many souls are leaving your planet by various ways to lend support from the other side, so to speak. Since you are well aware that no human really dies (as it is called), has not your conversations with the gentleman you call Mr. D., creator of a place of fun and delight (your favorite get-a-way place), not taught you this?

Expect the world to change, for indeed it is in process – – out with the old and in with the new. Love knows no boundaries especially this one called the City of Light that leaves no one out regardless of the level of consciousness. All levels need what is coming forth. Go with the flow, be calm and shine on! Make any sense?”

Genii TownsendG: “Of course!”

O: “Light heals …love heals… continue to be open to your guidance and you will be advised what is next.”

G: “Thank you. Will do!”

O: “Then go back to your world. You have students of light waiting to be served. Help them to light up and we shall meet again soon.”
With hugs we departed and I find myself back home with my little white puppy, ‘Light’, to be played with. He is the first City pup!

In Love and Light
Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

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