Friday, September 19, 2014

The Council: Everything Else Leads To This

Channeled by Ron Head On 9-16-14

The Council:
There is one overriding thing which must be addressed by each and all of you. It is a problem which none of you are exempt from unless and until you have completed the path which you currently term ascension. It would be the grand finale of our messages, but instead of a grand finale, let us get to it now and let you understand that everything else leads to this and you have the need to address it continually until it is truly completed.

What we are speaking of is the need for you to forgive. You need to forgive others. You need to forgive whoever you understand as the Supreme Being. And lastly, but most importantly, you need to forgive yourself.

Now, forgiving others you surely understand, although you have judged them and therefore find that almost impossible to do in many cases. Which we may as well address now. Stop. What you are doing is projecting things which you deem less than desirable onto others, assuming your assessment of them to be correct, and then allowing yourself to think less of them because of it. There is more to it than that, of course, but that explanation is enough to show you that what you are doing is actually harmful to yourself. Taken to the perspective of the ALL, you are, in fact, judging The One of which you are a part, as is the other whom you judge also a part.

Please understand, the same is true when you judge yourself. You are withholding love from yourself. You are withholding forgiveness from yourself. And your Self is an integral part of the ALL. Also, you are in effect saying that your Creator has made an awful mistake in creating you. Well, that is not the case.

As for forgiving the Supreme Being, whatever you have been taught to call that, you have all been taught over many lifetimes that an all powerful being will judge you and punish you for thoughts, deeds, and words. You are afraid of that being even as you tell yourself that She loves you. Is that not so? 

There is a huge conflict in beliefs contained in that. God is Love. He will send me to suffer forever for what I have done or not done. Well this is just not so, and the reasoning behind that we can discuss at length at another time. But you may wish to forgive that being for what you have erroneously believed Her to be. You will find your load much easier to bear.

Now we can offer you a way to stop incurring the drawbacks of judgment if you like. It is necessary for you to learn what is desirable and what is not. And no one is telling you that it is desirable to rape, kill, pillage, steal, cheat, etc., etc. But it is one thing to recognize that an action is undesirable, and it is quite another to condemn the one who does it. All you need to do is to stop judging beings. Your Creator does not.

Is this enough for you to mull over for today? We think it is. If it is, we invite you back to read the next message which will be about why these resonate with you, if they do, and what that may lead you to.

Be at peace within yourselves, dear friends. You are not broken. You do not need fixing. And you are loved.

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