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A Message to Serving and Veteran Members of the Military

Posted By Steve Beckow10-6-14

Soldiers 11We’ve been told that thousands and thousands of servicemen and servicewomen read the blog. May we address a word to you who serve your country often at great peril?

Your service in the military is and was part of the Divine Plan. My understanding is that you’re there at this particular time in history to gradually but assuredly bring the military out of the difficult position it’s been placed in.

Modern forces, equipped with deadly super-weapons, are being used in the service, not of the many, the people, democracy, but of the few, the elite, hegemony.

How was this done? Well, you probably know better than I.

But if there are any that don’t know, I’d say it was achieved by a number of strategies.

First a code of honor was established in which it was represented that your unit is the most important group in the world – and of course, in war, it is.

But then you were trained to follow orders unquestioningly. You were trained to kill and many situations were introduced that overcame the natural tendency to discern when to strike down and when to hold back.

You were taught to serve your country unquestioningly, obediently, but you weren’t told that your government, public service, courts, law enforcement and prisons had been taken over by groups that called themselves the Illuminati and the New World Order.

The divine qualities such as compassion, loving-kindness and so on were drummed out of you in the belief that you needed to act in wartime, without thinking, without hesitating, without drawing back.
Probably very few of you may have known that most of the wars that occurred in the last century were started by false-flag incidents, which have been dressed up as attacks.

Going back as far as the blowing up of the U.S.S. Maine, the Reichstag fire, the use of Japanese soldiers dressed up to look like Chinese to start the Sino-Japanese war (WWII), the false attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, the bombing of the USS Liberty, the Madras train bombing, the blowing up of the World Trade Center, the London bombings, on and on the incidents go where the side that wanted to start a war posed as the other side to provide the inflammatory incident.

Alongside of that went the assassination of leaders who worked for peace:  John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy Jr., the free energy and water car inventors, 9/11 whistleblowers like ABC’s  Tim Russert, deep-bunker builder Philipp Schneider, 9/11 firemen who heard the explosions, again the list goes and on of those who dared to stand up to the few and were taken out.

You stood forth because you thought your country was in trouble. You believed that Osama bin Laden had masterminded 9/11 even though on the eve of 9/11 he lay in a Rawalpindi hospital, guarded by the Pakistani military, having kidney dialysis – nowhere near an Afghan cave.

You believed that Afghanistan had something to do with 9/11, even though the troops to invade Afghanistan had been dispatched much before 9/11 and the order to invade that country lay on President Bush’s desk the day of 9/11.

You believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, though none were found. You’ve been hoodwinked in incident after incident. You’ve risked your lives in falsified causes, lost limbs, eyes, and other organs to a government that doesn’t see to your needs when you return, after you paid such a heavy price.

I’m sure some of you know (especially readers of this blog) that you volunteered before you were born to serve in just the capacity you’re in now. You said that you’d come and bring the military back to ethics and morality, honor and compassion.

You volunteered to make the military a force again that defends the innocent, at the lowest possible cost to the invader and the guilty.

You and I know that resistance to those who have co-opted the military could buy you jail time or worse.

Once the Reval comes those who’ve invested in it will work with you to see that your active members and vets get the treatment they need and the support they deserve. That’s as much as I can say at this moment, but your pain, your sacrifice are known and will be seen to.

I know that some of you are eager to do something constructive, something that will reverse the tide. And here again you’d risk your lives to do so. But let’s talk about the actions that are being pondered at a moment.

Sailors 33I recommend that you not take any action which itself violates the laws of the land or the universal laws. That means no fragging of officers, no torture, no kidnapping, no revenge, etc.
Peace cannot be purchased through violence. Violence begets more violence and leaves more residue to fuel future conflicts.
Civil disobedience, yes, as long as you’re prepared to go to prison. (I’m led to believe that it won’t be overly long before you’ll be released, but I cannot say that with absolute certainty. You have to judge and make that decision for yourself.)

I recommend that you declare to yourself your willingness to work with the “white hats” and other friendly forces, who have ways of knowing your intentions that go far beyond the conventional or even highly-advanced technologies.

I recommend that you begin to degrade your abilities to effect your duties if those duties are dark or evil. Miss your target. Fail to maintain your weapon.  Lose needed supplies.

Remember Schindler and how he made munitions that would never hit their target? Like that perhaps.
Remember that many forces are working to bring war to a halt around the planet so it isn’t likely that you’ll be overrun by an enemy. You do have allies in places you might not suspect. Remember what Elisha said? Those who are with us are far stronger than those who are against us.

Think of how the U.S. Navy took over the nuclear football. Think of how they took over Northern Command, and, with it, the secret space fleet, Solar Warden. There are many allies already in the military.

Remember too that some scenarios will never succeed on this planet. It’s impossible at this time to explode a nuclear weapon with hostile intent, on land or in space.  No major false-flag incident like 9/11 would ever be permitted again. There are limits to the actions that can be done from here on in, even if the white hats are required in many circumstances to respect the universal law of freewill.

Familiarize yourself with the Geneva Convention and the other international charters and instruments that govern conduct in war (and peace). When you feel you have a command of them, if you feel you can act so bravely, then refuse to engage in actions that violate them such as murder, assassination, and torture.

If it can be done safely, pass along information to whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden or their local counterparts. But not if it endangers you.

Ultimately the gesture that will end war is when the soldiers of all countries lay down their weapons.  That is the goal to be worked for.

We may have to work to get ourselves in that position, gradually, safely.

What I want you to know most of all is that we, your fellow lightworkers, know the position you’re in. There’s no need to prove yourselves to us or take risky action so that it can be unmistakeably seen.
We know your hearts and no proof is needed. We love you.  We honor your sacrifice and your integrity. And we want you to stay safe if at all possible.

We know you joined the military to protect us and were inducted into a machine that in fact threatens the very people it was sworn to protect. To extract yourself from that machine is risky and we know that too.

The gradual work you’re doing to bring the militaries of the world back from the brink of catastrophe is delicate and we appreciate that.

Even if you did nothing at all, peace will still return to Earth.

Everything on this blog is testimony to that.

The biggest contribution you can make, always, is a change of heart.
You are lightworkers as we are. Just gradually withdraw your energy from the killing machine that the New World Order has created. Look for subtle ways of bringing its aims to nought, without being detected.

We honor your regiments and battalions and divisions. Their proud place in the nation’s history will be restored. We promise you it will.

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