Thursday, October 16, 2014

Then Lightbringers: A Spiritual Perspective On Change And Loss

October 2014

 A Spiritual Perspective on Change and Loss

We welcome you, our dear friends. We are coming to you at a most auspicious time for those living on Earth’s plane. Many powerful forces are coalescing around your planet as you move into a higher vibratory sphere. This is what is in effect for those of you who have volunteered to serve in the transformation of your planet. It is important that you recognize and accept the process that is underway in your world.

It is difficult to determine the underlying purpose unfolding in the midst of the turmoil that is appearing in every walk of life. Disharmony and discord seem to be flourishing everywhere. Of particular concern is the emergence of a brutal, radicalized group of fighters in the Near East who are casting a wide swath of terror among the people in that region and worldwide.

Many governments are under siege as the political process becomes more uncertain and volatile. The disparity between those with great wealth and the poor is increasing at a rapid rate while the security of monetary systems becomes more and more questionable. Health concerns regarding the spread of the Ebola virus are concerning many. To add to all of these circumstances, the physical environment of the planet is stressed by extremes in climatic conditions.

A large number of people are experiencing trials and tests of different origins in their personal lives. All of these conditions can result in an underlying sense of anxiety and tension that may or may not be recognized. It is important therefore that you be able to look with a clear and discriminating eye at yourself and what is transpiring in your life. It is imperative that you possess a broad and expanded view of your place in the world about you.

Earth is a three-dimensional way station for those at a certain place in their spiritual journey. Because of the density of its vibratory field, spiritual growth is greatly accelerated. Your galaxy has been designated for transformation, which requires rapid change in a wide variety of areas. In order for this transformation to occur, it is necessary that all life be impacted with enough force to bring about the improvements that are needed.

In order to navigate through these times, it is necessary to develop a positive and embracing view of change and the resulting loss that always accompanies it. We ask that you quiet yourself, shut your eyes and visualize a beautiful blue-green sphere that rotates and turns continuously. Change is like this sphere. It is one of the few universal constants that unfold continuously and unrelentingly.

Change always involves loss, since whenever anything changes it replaces something, which becomes lost. For this reason, many people are fearful of change and suffer great emotional stress whenever something or someone is lost. It is imperative that a different view of change and loss emerges among incarnating souls on Earth. Celebrate change as the end of a cycle where a valuable experience necessary for spiritual growth has been gained and welcome the new life condition that is emerging. Do not mourn what is lost or ending.

In the coming centuries, the inhabitants of Earth will undergo some of the most extensive changes in the history of the planet. The configuration of the continents will be altered as certain areas will be engulfed by rising waters and other lands will emerge from seas that currently cover them. Countries that are prominent now will lose their influence while political power will shift into new emerging areas of the world.

The souls that are coming onto the planet now in ever increasing numbers have expanded capabilities and different expectations about how life should be lived. They see change as a creative process to be embraced and embarked upon with zest and enthusiasm. The idea of loss is not a significant factor for them. They need the support of older incarnating souls on Earth who are being called to accept and recognize the positive aspects of change.

The information we are bringing you regarding change and loss is highly significant at this point in time. In order for an evolutionary step of any proportion to occur, the mindset of the people residing on the planet has to change. For centuries, human beings have been governed and controlled by fear, which has served as a deterrent to spiritual progress.

It is now time for the concept of fear to be faced and eradicated. Fear constricts at all levels of the being. Fearing change inhibits the ability for something positive to manifest. Since all souls residing on the planet now and in the future will experience massive change, the fear of it must be eliminated from the human condition. We ask you now to take inventory of any areas of your life where fear of change or loss exists.

Once you have found a specific area, you have identified the spiritual challenge facing you. Courageously address any fear of change or loss you have. Shift your current mindset to one of gratitude for what has been learned and experienced. Visualize yourself letting go of the old cycle and welcoming the new one that will be appearing in your life. Trust all that is occurring in your life is for your highest good and is happening at just the right time for your spiritual growth and development.


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