Friday, October 31, 2014

The Door is Fully Open! It’s Halloween!

By Bob Fickes On 10-31-14 is the day when the door is fully opened. It has been opening all this month and now it is done! All of the dimensions are open and beings from those worlds walk among us. There are masters and gods on the street! Maybe you don’t recognize them.
They look just like any other human being with one exception: they don’t blink! Human beings blink, but gods and masters never blink. Also their eyes are very deep and very strong. Did you see one today?

The tradition of Halloween started thousands of years ago in the Celtic region of Great Britain and Europe. Every year after the harvest, people would celebrate. They knew that on the 31 October the door between the lower worlds and our world would open, and the spirits of the dead would walk among the people. So everyone would wear a mask so that the spirits would think that they were also a spirit and leave them alone. The people would give a carrot or an apple to everyone they met. This way the spirits would be grateful and not bother them.

Today the door is open not only to the lower worlds but also to all the higher dimensions. This is a time when it is easier to communicate with the gods and masters. If you ask for their help, they will be happy. They come here to help us and it is a good feeling for them when we ask for their assistance in our lives. After all they have been separated from us for a long time.

Because so many people participated in the opening of the door throughout the month of October, now the door will remain open. Normally the door closes again at midnight on 1 November. But this year is special. There are enough high souls walking on Earth, that the door will be allowed to remain open for one year. It is hoped that during this next year, many people will open to higher consciousness and the masters are here to help. If you have been worrying about your level of consciousness, this is the year when you will feel a big transformation. So have a great year!

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