Friday, October 17, 2014

The 'Team': Field Of Coherent Light

Channelled By Peggy Black On 10-16-14

We are here in celebration of your magnificence. We acknowledge your courage as a conscious being of divine light to embody a physical form in this dense reality with its many challenges. We observe that being in physical form also has its expressions of wonder and delight, joy and deep love. This is your present focus, as it should be. However, we continue to remind you that you are here to transform misqualified emotional energy vibrations that create the collective consciousness.

This is an hourly, daily, lifetime responsibility for all multidimensional beings of light. This has been our message as well as the message of your wise ones, sages and ancient teachers. You are here to bring more conscious light to this dense realty and dimension.

When we say conscious light we refer to a state of mind and heart that offers thoughts, words and feelings of deep appreciation, joy and gratitude. These vibrations 'lighten up' the density of the collective energies, the emotional chaos generated by those who do not realize the impact of their words, thoughts and emotions. Those who push against add energy to the very thing they oppose. They misuse their creative power as a being of light.

You call yourself a light being or a being of light without truly realizing that it is a fact. One aspect of the evolution of humanity is that this will become a recognized reality. We have often shared with you about this aspect, acknowledging you as a light being, and we will continue to reinforce this awareness.

Every living thing carries and emits a light. The cells of all green, growing and living things, animals as well as humans, emit a light, emit a low-intensity glow that cannot be seen with the physical eyes. Some who have allowed their multidimensional gifts to be available can see this soft glow of light given off by living organisms. As more and more of you open to these gifts, this truth will become the norm.

The possibility that your cells give off a visible light has been a curiosity for years in your scientific communities. There is now research and equipment that allows this cellular glow to be seen; the scientific community calls this cellular glow biophoton emission.

For those who need some kind of proof that each human is a light being, it is now accepted that this biophoton emission is an aspect of all plant and animal life. Many of the awakened ones like yourself do not need the scientific proof to this truth. This light is the form of energy that has been called "ch'i" energy or the "prana", subtle bodies of light by your ancient sages. Now modern science is catching up with truth.

This light is a part of your physical cells. This biophoton light is a coherent force and form of communication between all aspects of the body, cells and DNA. It serves as the organism's main communication network and regulates all life processes.

This coherent light, or the biophoton field, permeates and encloses the solid physical form and governs all the life processes in the organism. It is the broad field of frequency and vibration that transmits signals to any place in the organism to stimulate or even suspend biochemical processes.
All aspects of your physical body are always communicating with light. There will be a time when your medical community will recognize the importance of the biophotons of the body's cells and DNA. It is the awareness of this cell light which will indicate when a cell is healthy or when it is dis-eased.

You can begin to acknowledge this conscious light that is a part of who you are and begin to strengthen the biophotons of your body and cells. Imagine that the cells of your skin as well as your eyes are "light portals". Make sure that throughout your day you refresh your eyes and skin by feeding your cells with natural light rather the frequencies of artificial lights or your electronic equipment.

Consciously imagine and allow the light that touches your skin to permeate and refill you with the coherent life-giving and healing recharge. Imagine pulsating light flooding the cells and DNA throughout your body with messages of aliveness and well-being.

When some part of your body is out of balance or dis-eased, flood that aspect with light healing frequencies. Just call it forth. Sense or visualize this illuminating energy regenerating, renewing, restoring what is out of balance.

Imagine taking deep breaths infused with light, envision this light breath filling every cell of your body with more coherent light vibrations. Imagine when you observe the beauty of the rising sun each morning that you can reinforce and feed your own light cells. Realize that the live foods you ingest also carry light particles. Think of it as eating sunlight. This supports and contributes to building a strong luminous light body.

Make it a practice several times a day to pause and sense, feel or envision light coming into the crown of your head, replenishing, nourishing every cell of your physical body with life-giving and life-sustaining LIGHT.

You are a Light Being. Begin to call forth more radiance. Begin to see yourself as a luminous being. Realize that your attitude also affects the level of light available between the cells and all parts of your body. Increase your vibrational offering of emotions that truly lighten your heart. What words, thoughts and feelings add to your sense of brightness, what actions enliven you? Notice and practice feeling the nature of optimism. This type of practice strengthens and anchors more of your biophotons, your inner glow, the very light essence in each cell.

Your energy signature also reflects your level of light frequency. You have all met or encountered someone who truly beamed light energy. These awakened ones are examples of what is possible for every multidimensional being. You are pure energy, a field of coherent light manifest and housed in a physical body and your true essence is this divine light.

It is this divine light within you that connects and communicates with all others at the level of a global biophoton field, the field of coherent LIGHT. Envision, imagine and practice sending your light out into the field of consciousness. Each time you actively and with conscious intent send out your light into the collective consciousness you are adding to its strength and the level of awareness of coherent light.

Imagine when you meet another that your biophotons communicate and transmit information. Practice seeing the light within the other. Acknowledge their light because each time you do this it strengthens and enlivens their very cells.

We honor you dear ones for who you are and the work and service you continue to offer to this hologame. You are truly anchoring these truths into the collective matrix as well as offering this energy transmission to everyone you encounter. May you be blessed for your endeavors. We are available to support and assist upon your request. the 'team'

©2014 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.  

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