Monday, October 27, 2014

Changing Holograms

In case you thought that nothing much happened over this eclipse weekend read on...DT the ET

Channelled By Anarchistbanjo On 10-26-14

Sunspot AR2192 This Weekend
Let’s face it, at least part of us lives in 3D. 3D is a hologram, almost like a 3D movie player that changes frames every so often. From what I can tell in the astral this changing of frames is something like every 20 minutes or so. At times I have felt the movement of a new frame like a wave or energy or something, but very rhythmical and always at the same beat like clockwork. I’ve only sensed this a few times because this is extremely deep, at the foundation of physical 3D reality in fact.

We have been waiting and waiting for Gaia’s ascension to hit 3D where we live our physical lives. Well last night it did! I was lucky enough to view and sense this awesome and powerful event and it was even frightening in a way. The forces and energies were so immense.

The script or film for new Gaia has been finished layer by layer and level by level and the new script was seamlessly inserted over the last few years from the top down and no one knew the difference. First 8th density, then 7th, then 6th, then 5th, the 4th. And with each new insertion we would get excited because that meant it must certainly be getting close to 3D! We kept waiting for the new changes.

Well last night time stopped for three or four hours, there was no movement of frames at all and the intensity and power was so strong I could not sleep all night. The stillness and lack of motion of the frames advancing was kind of freaky to me. Then with a sigh of relief the frames began to move once more; but it was not the old script. It was the new one!

X-Flare From AR 2192 - Kickin' The Hologram
The ascension wave is finally progressing through physical 3D. Everything looks the same just like it did with all the other insertions. But from the first frame new rules of 3D existence are playing out. But this time it will only be a matter of days or weeks before people begin to realize that this is not old 3D.

Events are no longer cause and effect, but energy related. By this I mean that like energy will begin to seek itself out and draw itself together like pulling on a string in a carpet. There is no more “collective” energy per se. There is a “collective” but it no longer has an energy component that can sway the masses one way or the other. The new governing energy grid has bypassed collective manifestations in the sense that it has made them neutral.

Our world is a “collectively” created world and “collectively” created timeline. Yet it is a loosely created world and loosely created timeline that encourages lots of creative manipulation. There are no tightly bound rules or laws that govern what can and can’t be done. It will take awhile for people to get used to this apparent chaotic element, but it is an element of free will and pure creative expression.

From this point onward trying to manipulate the public will be like trying to push a chain down the road instead of dragging it! It will take some getting used to!

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