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Arcturians, Mytria And Inner Self: Entering The Violet Fire


Channeled Through Suzanne Lie On 10-5-14

Greetings, We are the Arcturians,
We have returned to assist your journey into the Violet Fire of the Central Sun. You take this journey to assist you to discover NOW  the core of your essence. This Core Essence is a component of ALL that has been and will ALWAYS be. Your Inner Core Essence emanates the MISSION that has brought you to Gaia for 
the final act of “The Grand Illusion.”

Feel your self on the verge of the unknown. All that you have perceived as your self has become extinct and “out of date.”
What you once feared is now only a shadow, but there is newness in life that threatens to ignite our “fear of the unknown.”

You do not experience fear in the same manner that you once did, 
but it is there, awaiting your discovery and transmutation in the Violet Fire. This fear acts as a shell to protect the new, vulnerable embryo
 as it grows deep inside of your essence. Your true expression of SELF is not quite ready for birth, 
but it is “time” NOW to prepare in earnest for the NEW that is actually the ANCIENT.

(This was received in 1997. NOW it IS the “time.”)

Before entering the Violet Temple, we the Arcturians, would like to give you a message. You have made this journey into the unknown and are about to enter The Violet Temple of Alycone, in the Great Central Sun.
 As Earth reaches Her ascension, we Arcturians are to be Her guardians.

We have been chosen from the many who volunteered for this role, because we have the greatest ability to assist Gaia in the manifestation of Her Divine Plan, which is to be a planet of Pure, Unconditional Love. Of course, other worlds will also be active in assisting Her.

Among these are the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Antares. Antares, Sirius and Andromeda assist in controlling the vortex in to and out of earthly incarnations, while the Pleiades has offered to accept awakened ones into their Violet Temple of Transmutation. The Pleiadians have also long been very active in communication with the receptive grounded ones on Earth.

Remember, the key to your transformation into Lightbody is love, specifically love of your physical body. Your earth vessel allows you to have your earthly thoughts and to feel your earthly emotions. The most treasured of these earthly emotions are love and joy.

Love and joy are actually the result of your ability to combine your thoughts and feeling in a manner that calibrates your brainwaves to their highest possible frequency. When you become unhappy or unloved you may think that it is an emotion. However, actually it is that you have fallen “out of calibration” with your higher brainwaves.

If you could face the same experience that made you unhappy, but keep yourself calibrated to the highest brainwaves, you would perceive the experience in a completely different manner. It would no longer be an event that made you unhappy, but a challenge, which you could successfully process.

You would know that you could productively face that challenge because you are calibrated to the brainwaves that keep you in constant communication with your Soul/SELF. An experience that would devastate your third dimensional ego would be a mere challenge to your fifth dimensional SELF.

Consequently, we encourage you to find your highest carrier frequency at the beginning of each day and merge with your Soul, so that the pathway of communication between you and your multidimensional Soul can remain open throughout your day. In this manner, you can keep your mental channel attuned to the fifth dimensional frequency.

This fifth dimensional frequency, which is beyond the speed of light, but not beyond the speed of thought, cannot be clearly accessed unless your brain has been calibrated to the fifth dimension.

Once calibrated, your brain is able to track your fifth-dimensional vibration as it moves down from the higher frequencies of Spirit and into the lower frequencies of matter.

In this manner, you can integrate “Spirit into Matter” in your daily conscious life.

This integration is the greatest service that anyone can offer, as it is the most effective process for raising the vibration of your self and of the planet.

Also, in this manner, your physical earth-ship can be updated with the necessary “downloads” from the fifth dimensional world. This process is much like the “up-dates” that you download into your computer.

However, if the computer is not “turned on” you will not know that a new up-date is ready for transmission. If you will dedicate your self to this daily connection with your Higher Self, your bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts, will keep you informed regarding your super-conscious activities.

Remaining connected to your Higher SELF also assists you to remember your experiences in the Violet Temple. We are very pleased with your/our progress. We say your/our progress because you and we are ONE.

We are all portions of the greater SELF who has chosen to inhabit a clay earth-vessel. We are your command-station; hence, we are invaluable to you. Know that any feelings of “Homesickness” are actually a homing-beam that you can track to return Home in your higher states of consciousness.

Hence, we remind you to follow this “Divine Discontent.” It is not an enemy to make you sad; it is a friend that will guide you Home. Remember, dear ones, you/we are all part of the ONE SELF. We surround you with our light so that you can release any experience that threatens to “let you down” and lower your consciousness.

We support you in our Web of Life and promise you that we will NOT “let you down.” Know that your/our mission shall be completed. Each of you within our Web of Life represents the masculine energy of a Spiritual Warrior, as well as the feminine energy of the Creative Goddess. Your male and female energies are blending now.

This process of increasing androgyny shall continue until no separation between masculine and feminine are possible because your body has been transformed into LIGHT. Expand the conscious awareness of your corporeal body to embrace the vision of the matrix for the Web of Life that you/we created for you.

Keep this matrix conscious throughout your day. Imagine it NOW. See how it glimmers with many colored lights and feel how it embraces you with unconditional love.

When you enter the Violet Flame allow each drop of Violet Light to flow into this fifth dimensional Web of Life to assist you to download and integrate the Violet Fire into every cell and atom of your physical body. Carry this image with you throughout your day to assist you in feeling our Unconditional Love!

We direct you now to Mytria, who will be your Guide.

The Arcturians
I AM Mytria – Keeper of the Violet Flame, 

Dear Ones, I have the great honor of escorting you to the Violet Flame of Alycone. You have been experiencing the Central Sun for several of your Earth days now. However, you may have had difficulty remembering your inner experience as you go about the business of your physical reality.

Do not judge yourself for becoming lost in your third dimensional consciousness. You need to focus upon the duties and responsibilities, which you have chosen to experience in that reality. NOW, you have returned to a time and location in which you can go inside of your SELF to continue our journey into the Violet Flame.

There are many Violet Temples that are located at sacred transitional points along the frequency trail back and forth between the NOW of the ONE and the Time-Space of the physical worlds. In fact, there is a Violet Temple, with a Violet Flame, at the cusp of every new octave of the fourth dimensional Astral World.

There are also Violet Temples, often hidden from mundane sight, on every “service to others” world. The term “world” encompasses both physical planets and multidimensional Star Ships that are a large as some planets. These Violet Temples serve as “routing stations” for the Spiritual “lifeline” that runs energetically DOWN from the higher dimensions, and OUT into every reality in every dimension.

In the third dimensional lifetimes in which you have awakened, you have remembered that you are the creator of your hologram. On the other hand, in the lifetimes in which you are still “asleep,” you feel limited and separate from All That Is. Fortunately, once one of these “lost selves” awakens you will begin to connect with your Multidimensional SELF.

This “Higher Self” can then give the unconditional love and supervision that is needed in that reality until that “you” is ready to fully awaken. The ability to carry more than one reality in your consciousness is difficult in the third dimension. Fortunately, it is easier in the fourth dimensional lives to perceive other offshoots of your primary reality, as well as other unique expressions of your SELF in that reality

In the fifth dimension you merge with your Divine Complement. This return to SELF automatically unites you with the remembrance of all of the experiences of your other polarity of Beingness. Hence, in the fifth dimension you are able to hold more than one reality in your consciousness at one time.

From the apex of the fifth dimension you can be aware of as many as seven different realities at once. In the sixth dimension, it is simple to perceive many “strings of consciousness,” known in the lower worlds as “incarnations.”

Each of your strings of consciousness constantly resonate Waves of Possible Reality. On the highest sub plane of the sixth dimension is the Program Center for all of your holographic realties in all the lower dimensions. From there, you can be aware of all of your realities of the sixth, fifth, fourth and third dimensions, simultaneously.

The seventh dimension is your Oversoul, which is the hub of the entire system of offshoots for all your Soul’s realities on all the lower frequency dimensions. When you remember how to inter-dimensionally travel into your eighth through tenth dimensional Elohim SELF, you will become aware of ALL your strings of consciousness that flow into ALL the lower frequency realities.

Remember always, you are ALL twelfth dimensional beings who have inter-dimensionally traveled down the frequency trail of reality to experience reality in the third dimension. With this memory, there is no achieving or learning. There is only remembering!

We present this Video of entering the Violet Temple on Venus, as ever where there is a Violet Temple is HERE NOW!

 (This video is available on

Journey to the Violet Temple - Leaping into the Violet Fire

With faith and courage, you leap into the Violet Fire—alone! However, know that your Multidimensional SELF is with you in your consciousness. You can “feel” that you waiting for you within the core of the Flame. This YOU give you support and courage for your journey into the Flame of Transmutation and is dutifully guarding of your denser body during your journey into the Violet Fire.

You may find yourself thinking about “outside” the Violet Fire to avoid your sensations of “being in” the Violet Fire. Therefore, take a moment to calm the excitement, which feels almost like fear of this higher adventure. Take a long, slow, deep breath to accustom your consciousness to this higher frequency.

Change your perception from outside the Flame to inside the Flame, and allow yourself to feel the Violet Fire about you. It feels like Power, more power than you could ever imagine. It feels like Wisdom, more wisdom than you have ever experienced. But, most of all, it feels like LOVE.

The love within this Flame is so clear and unconditional that you gradually relax into your experience. NOW you can experience the Violet Fire, over—under—around—and through you. Feel how the Violet Flame protects you like the most powerful father and loves you like the wisest mother. This experience is so gentle and constant that you begin to understand your own power and your own wisdom.

You feel safe enough now to center your perception on your self. As you do so, you find you are in a relatively formless state. Within the Flame, you are aware of yourself only as a focus of attention, an individualized speck of light, which is your… your what? Is it your spirit, your soul, your consciousness? It certainly is NOT your body.

Your Inner SELF speaks,

“Dear One, this focus, this speck of light, is your Essence. Within the Flame, your essence is free of any identification other than the intention that you held as you entered the Flame. Once you state your intention, your essence will transmute that concept into form.

“What do you wish to declare as your intention?”

You do not have to pause. Your declaration is clear to you. You do not know how long you have been in the Flame, as time does not exist in this dimension, but you remember that your earthly reality is in great transition. All that you had known as a foundation is leaving and changing. It is time for you to create a new reality.

You are ready. You are ready to “let go,” “stop struggling” and “fall into the flow.” That is, you are almost ready. Something is stuck. It is stuck deep inside your heart, stuck to your childhood and to your youth. You have stepped into the Flame to find a way to un-stick it.

An old core belief is ready to leave your consciousness now, so that you can allow your “self” to be your “SELF.” But the core belief is immovable. You are stuck. You are wedged between the reality that is leaving, and the new reality you are creating. You realize now that:

In order to change what you DO, you must change who you ARE.

Suddenly the Violet Flame flashes around you and reveals all the other times that you have felt caught between “doing” and “being.” Perhaps it is your fear that is stuck, the fear that you cannot transform yourself enough to create the life you desire. It may be that this fear has become a core belief.

Actually, though, it is not YOU that is afraid, it is your EGO. Your ego is the one who believes that you cannot be the creator of your life. Your ego is frightened, impatient, angry, victimized and controlling. You realize that the one you need to call on to hold your intention is the one that is stronger than your fear and wiser than your ego.

This “ONE” is your Soul.

You KNOW that you must surrender to your Soul. Here, within the flame, you can feel your Soul, patiently awaiting your permission to enter you and be the Captain of your earth vessel. 
You remember how often you have desired that, but it is only through surrendering to your Soul that you can realize it.

Fortunately, while you are in the Flame, your consciousness is sixth dimensional. When you are in the sixth dimensional Violet Flame, you are able to allow transformation on the deepest level. You are in the Flames of Possibility where you can learn how to create the reality that you desire. From deep within, you hear,


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