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What is Spiritual Currency? – Parts 1&2

Posted By Steve Beckow On 10-2-14

Part 1 - Spiritual Currency and Us

Archangel Michael said to me in a personal reading on Sept. 28, 2014:
Archangel Michael: Repeatedly, I have said, look to your spiritual currency. No one hears me.  ….
I do not mean no one. I am being melodramatic. You know what I mean.

SB:   Yes. (1)

What is “spiritual currency”? Is it an invisible form of money? Is it a galactic decimal banking system?

No, it’s “the currency of all the Divine Qualities, which you all have been anchoring in accordance with Divine Law, with Universal Law.” (2)

It’s the rich treasure we have when we release from bondage the sublime qualities of our divinity. It’s the pot of inner gold at the end of the rainbow of Ascension, which has always been our inheritance but which we’ve left contact with to don these dense bodies.

Gratitude, generosity, faith and similar qualities are the inner gold, the spiritual treasure. And why would that be?

Because they promote unity and love. Unity is a condition, not a quality. Unitive consciousness is the consciousness of the Fifth Dimension and higher.

And love is everything that is, not simply a quality of God. God and love are indistinguishable, coterminous, synonymous.

AAM tells us that the Company of Heaven “have harped and harped and harped, even to our ears we have harped on spiritual currency. We pay you in the currency of love, in the currency of joy.” (3)

In fact, AAM says, “I do not very often speak of money other than spiritual currency, and that is something entirely different that I would encourage each of you to look at.”  (4)

The Company of Heaven never deals in hard cash, he reminds us.

“Now, does heaven, the Company of Heaven, the Mother, deal in cold hard cash and currency? No. Do we deal in spiritual currency? We most definitely do.

“And let us suggest to you that spiritual currency can be converted in any number of ways.” (5)

The universe doesn’t work the way that Wall Street and Walmart do, he explains.

“It is not hour for hour, dime for dime, dollar for dollar, deed for deed. That is not the way the universe works.

“Blessings flow in all kinds of ways and that is why, so often, we speak to you of various forms of currency, of spiritual currency, of your desire to play with currency, to spread it around, to share it, and you have been doing that.” (6)

He describes spiritual currency as “the real gift … and abundance in the truest meaning of the word.” (7)  Archangel Gabrielle interprets it this way:

“Your spiritual currency, your innate value throughout the omni-verse, defines your financial abundance. your spiritual currency, your innate value throughout the omni-verse, defines your financial abundance.”  (8)

The Divine Mother tells us that, with the baptism of clarity and purity and the Tsunami of Love, our spiritual currency, our spiritual bank account is growing:

“No, I did not come to speak of physical currencies this day, but I again will emphasize your spiritual currency. Throughout the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse it’s growing. Check your accounts, sweet angels.” (9)

And AAM reminds us that “your spiritual currency is infinite.”  (10)

Tomorrow we’ll look at how spiritual currency and physical currency go together to enable lightworkers to serve the world through the physical abundacne of the Reval.

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Part 2 - Spiritual Currency and the Reval

Reval 22Archangel Gabrielle reminds us that the old financial order is crumbling and the new financial order will be based on “your sweet self”; that is, on us and our spiritual currency. The old order won’t crash completely but it will fall.

“What you think of as physical wellbeing within the financial realm is not defined by some bank president or financial institution. It is defined by your sweet self. So [you are experiencing] a very rapid growing ease with what you think of as money, a letting go.

“And when we speak of letting go of financial hardship, let us also say this, we are talking about you individually and we are talking globally. We are talking about nation-states. We are talking about the crumbling of institutions that have not been based on integrity and ethical behavior.
“Now, are they going to crash? No, because we do not engage in drama, grand drama, and neither do you.” (1)

The Divine Mother tells us that “in order to truly proceed according to your plan and ours, this gift [of the Reval] will assist you because we don’t want you scurrying about or becoming entrapped in the old allures. That will not be acceptable.”

Some of the old ways we could be entrapped in are greed, hedonism, selfishness, and lust. Just watch an old gangster movie. That’s not in our future, or shouldn’t be.

The purpose of the gift, she says, is in every way to create. Create what? Nova Earth, according to her Plan.

“So there are many of you who are involved in this, and you think, ‘Oh, I will invest in this or that,’and you are looking to the old Third! Look forward, my friends. Look forward to the seventh. Look what you have, the potential and the clarity and the direction to create! That is the purpose of the gift. I cannot be strong enough on this point.” (2)

Archangel Michael invites us to “take this money, be it dong, dinar, [Zimbabwean] dollars, it matters not. Take it, hold it . … And … dream big.”

That big dream is bringing Heaven to Earth, rebuilding the Garden of Eden – without the Tower of Babel.

All the money in the world, he explains, is “a miniscule representation of your spiritual currency, your worth, your individual worth. The term you would use, your individual assets, are greater than all the money and currency on Earth.”  (3)

Our individual assets are angelic, galactic and higher-dimensional. Yes, they’re worth more than everything physical this world contains, except the souls of everyone gathered here.

It’s our sense of lacking self-worth that’s holding up the arrival of material abundance, he tells us.
“Do not think it is our side holding up the immense flow of abundance for all because there are some human actors and I do not choose to identify specific people, but it is a human collective energy that says, ‘No, we are not quite worthy enough’ which of course is stupid.

“So send the healing, send the Violet Flame to incinerate; when I have talked to you this day about creating the towering purple inferno burning the cords between these belief systems, I mean it. Take your torch of freedom and hold it high and burn away this foolishness. And I am helping you, we all are, and I might say to you it is already underway.” (4)

We know that ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Ukrainian recalcitrants are also obstacles, but those obstacles are being removed.

What we’re less familiar with is the obstacle that our attitudes present.

I think that most of us lightworkers are aware that money alone will not solve our problems; only spiritual transformation will. St. Germaine addresses that matter here:

“There are far too many still who think that money will solve their issues and they are not prepared to simply take my Violet Flame into their hearts and burn away the fear, the worry, and the sense that their spiritual currency is not adequate – and that is a falsehood.” (5)

Money is not the ultimate blessing. Enlightenment is. Nonetheless its use will continue, Sanat Kumara says, if we so choose.

“Now if you feel that you want to play or create currency, then that is fine with us; we really don’t care and we don’t mean that in a dismissive way, we mean that it is a choice.”  (6)

“There are various intergalactic cultures that use various forms of currency because they like it,” he reveals.  (7)

But “the currency of the 5th is different … and this is why we have asked you to divorce yourself from the focus on the currency to your own currency, and what you are capable of bringing forward.” (8)

Once we have our creative powers back, “if you wish to call the molecules of Love that form a home, a community, a City of Light forth, then that is what you do. But it is not dependent upon the simple manifestation of what you, in the current reality, think of in the old 3rd because the currency of the 5th is different.” (9)

Everything is built from love.

It isn’t money that makes the world go round. It’s love.

In the reform of the old Third that’s going on, he explains:

“What we will continue to emphasize as changes in currency, financial systems, governmental systems, political institutions, judicial institutions, are heart consciousness, attitudinal, spiritual shifts; these things don’t simply occur because of the availability of money, they are heart changes, they are a change in your consciousness.” (10)

The mere possession of physical currency will never reflect the wonderment of the Mother’s Plan, he suggests.

“It has never been the Mother’s plan simply to say that everybody upon the planet would have plenty of currency. No, her abundance is much bigger than that. Can it include currency if that is part of your belongings? Yes, but it is so much bigger. I can tell you, I do not deal in currency.” (11)

When we re-attain our powers of manifestation, “when you reach the level of creativity, of creation, of reclaiming who you are as creator race, then you have what you need.” (12)

So we’ll be able to continue using currency to satisfy our desire for it and our sense of its usefulness and familiarity.

But our more important destination is to a state of magnificence in which we create what we need and have no further use for physical currency.

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