Saturday, October 4, 2014

Movement In The East

It's been a while since we heard from the Great Scaly One...
DT the ET

Channelled By Brian The Dragon On 10-3-14

This is the dragon,
It is one of the most advanced and densest cities in the world, the financial hub of Asia. It was the hope and belief of the government leaders that people would submit and Hong Kong would be brought into the fold and under the same law of the rest of China. This is laziness, since the leaders have long known and, at times, have acted to increase the freedoms of Chinese in other parts of China. However, Hong Kong has long enjoyed it's own identity and freedoms within China. In this city, thousands of young people are putting their futures at risk for what they believe is right.

The light cannot be dampened by law. You may ask, why would they put their futures at risk. They are the students of China. They are the future of China. They may seem like idealistic youth. However, they are well aware that at this time, the choices they make will define the future. That this time is critical. They carry an awareness. Are they here for the status-quo, or for humanity's ascension? It is time for the light of China to show, and for the mass of wisdom brought from a combination of the billions of people and the wisdom of the ages to shine through.

It's time for the East to counter-balance the West, since capitalism has its own problems. The United States and the West has a lot of problems of its own. So, there is room for diversity in how freedom manifests on Earth. This is the place for it. So, this is no capitalist revolution. There is much history, much wisdom of the ages in China. The history is not just a history of humans, but of extra-terrestrial interaction as well almost all the way back to the dawn of your species. This is part of China's blessing, and part of its challenge. But anyone with wisdom can clearly see that China is unique. So, this is something different, and will have its own flavor of outcome. It is a time for China to reflect on itself and what it wants to be. Great things will happen.

It won't be easy, and like all things physical, it'll take time. It will cause some challenge at first. Workers in Hong Kong are especially vulnerable because it is so crowded. It will even slow the Chinese economy. It will have fits and starts. It will eventually spread throughout China, peacefully but with challenge that must and will be overcome. It will be felt all over the globally-connected world. The way it goes about is ultimately up to all involved. All parts have a piece in how smoothly this spirit of freedom opens up first in Hong Kong then throughout the rest of China.

It's not all "one vs the other" though. There are individuals within the government of China that have been waiting for this, for an opening to make reforms.

And when we talk about freedom, we're not talking about democracy. People say democracy sometimes, but we'll leave politics to man. It's something greater than that. No government in the current age with the current consciousness is perfect. No, we're talking about the freedom of all-that-is to be itself, even on Earth, reflected through the individualized consciousnesses that disguise themselves as "not god", but really are god - as a whole.

This may seem like a trivial thing to channel about, however this is one small snapshot of the growth of humanity. It is part of the movie that is playing out on Earth. It has happened many times on many worlds, in the present. Always the present. Each one is different in how they physically manifest, however there is one god. So it always ends the same.

How can you help? Watch the videos, feel the energy coming from over one seventh of the world's population. Have compassion and empathy for what these brave souls are going through. Send your blessings on social media so they can hear they are not alone in the world.

With love,
The dragon

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