Thursday, October 2, 2014

Saul: Your Intentions Are Extremely Powerful Capabilities That You All Have

Channeled by John Smallman On 10-1-14

SaulHumanity’s progress towards awakening is proceeding apace. It is hard for you to conceive of the progress that is being made all over the world, because the news from the mainstream media continues to focus on conflict and suffering. Conflict and suffering are ongoing, but there is far, far more of a loving nature that is occurring worldwide, that remains unseen and unreported by the mainstream news organizations.

These loving activities are expressing people’s true feelings, and demonstrating very clearly the collective intent to awaken. Keep up your excellent work of praying, meditating, and intending for Love to flow easily into every heart, because it is very effective and is bringing about the changes necessary worldwide for humanity’s awakening.

As you know, those of us in the spiritual realms who are constantly watching over you and supporting you, are always available to answer your calls for assistance, instantly, so never hesitate to call on us. We love it when you do because our duty and responsibility is to be here for you at all times, and when you call on us it is like an acknowledgement that you desire and accept the help that we can provide. By calling on us you are honoring us. Never for a moment think that we are too busy to answer you, or that your requests are not important enough for you to “intrude” as we must be very busy helping so many others with far more important problems and issues. Any issue that you have individually is very important to us, so do not hesitate, call us.

Because all are One cooperation is the only way forward, it is the way to understanding and harmony among all, and it leads to delightful and creative solutions to all problems when all are listened to and heard without impatience or judgment. This New Golden Age is now very well established, and the Light that it has brought to humanity has brought enormous benefits which you will shortly begin to be aware of as changes in the attitudes with which different races and cultures communicate with each other lead away from conflict and towards peace.

When you acknowledge that Love is your true nature and live accordingly, as you will, peace is no longer an issue. Peace is a state in which hostilities are not occurring and are not expected to occur. In your natural state as beings of Love there is no thought of hostilities, threats, or betrayals, because they are not of Love, and only Love is Real.

Peace is a state that will occur on the world so that you can focus on Love and dissolve the illusion; it is an unreal state that will dissolve along with the illusion and all that the illusion maintains and supports. In the mean time praying and meditating for world peace is a very positive activity that produces most wonderful results.

The Love field that envelops the planet and all sentient life thereon – the Tsunami of Love – is being gently and pervasively integrated by all. Some find it harder than others to allow Love into their lives because they have experienced betrayal and abuse so frequently over the eons, but all are on Earth to accept and embrace Love; that is to discard the illusion which has hidden their true nature from them, and all will succeed.

To become aware that you are a divine being having a temporary experience as a human is extremely beneficial for you, because it helps you to understand why you are on Earth, and it helps you to intensify your determination to learn the lessons that are presented to you, instead of believing yourselves to be victims of a harsh and punishing god. Meeting and communicating with others who are also choosing to learn their lessons and move very positively towards awakening is an important way to support one another when the illusion surrounding you becomes heavy and unsettling. It is, of course, an indication of your oneness with each other on a small scale, leading you forwards to an acknowledgement and then an awareness that all are indeed One, always.

Be supportive of one another at all times. This does not mean joining a group and following a self-appointed leader. It means intending in every moment to send love and compassion to all who are suffering – there are very few on Earth who are not suffering in some respect, and to measure levels of suffering for the sake of comparison and to establish orders of merit is, at the least, very unwise, a distraction – to make that intent when you wake up in the morning, restate it throughout the day, and again as you lay down to sleep. Your intentions are extremely powerful capabilities that you all have, it is through them that you are succeeding in changing the world.

The main thing for you to remember, and to focus your attention on when you are fearful, anxious, or depressed, is that you are always fully supported by your heavenly Father and those whom He guides to watch over you personally as you go through your earthly lives. You are never alone, you are always fully supported. The sense of aloneness or abandonment that you sometimes experience is a part of the illusion whose purpose is to hide from you your true nature at One with your loving Father.

When you are feeling down, hopeless, depressed turn to Him, or to any of the guides, angels, or ascended masters who surround you and tell them of your plight, and they will respond, instantly. Intend to realize that you are never alone.

With so very much love, Saul.

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