Saturday, October 18, 2014

You Are The Quantum Reality...You Are The Living Waters

Here it is, sweet and simple; no beating around a burning bush!   DT the ET

Channelled By Judith K. Moore On 10-11-14

Quantum Reality and Human Consciousness

Beloved Ones, you are the quantum reality. You are the meeting point of the physical and the non-physical reality. The vibration of your light and the vibration of the light of the harmonics of Universal Oneness resonates with the quantum nature of reality. As you breathe, you receive the breath of life and give it forth as energy of the consciousness of life eternal. The vibration of your energy body is the quantum resonance of light spectrums of the fabric of the holographic universe.

You are a Being of infinite essence. You are a holographic mirror of the quantum harmonics of Genesis. You are the waters of life, for your living body is comprised of light and sound harmonics and the divine essence of life, the water of life. You are the living waters.

Your consciousness is aware of the passage of energy through the portals of time. Your consciousness is aware of the flow of quantum time, spherical time, the Order of Universal Oneness. Your consciousness is aware of the manifestation of mass and matter and the one point of union that is form seeking, a creative expression in the physical reality. Thou art the living word, manifest as love.

As you receive this communication, you have already received it from the origin of your soul in the Infinite NOW. Born of the light of union, thou art. As you receive this communication from the quantum consciousness of the cosmos, through the Infinite Source of Eternal Oneness, it enters the Omni Mind of Universal Oneness and is given vibration and consciousness, and is communicated to the collective reality of every particle of light and sound harmonics on this planet, because you are here now in this circle of love and you have said yes to the birth of a new world of peace, and the ascension of this beloved, beloved Mother Planet and the ascension of all that is.

So be it and so it is.

This message is given from the cosmic source of consciousness flowing through the manifest dimensions of Universal Oneness to the quantum energetics of this circle of light, and thus given through the Omni Source to all of humanity as the living knowledge of the Sophia of Wisdom.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

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