Saturday, October 25, 2014

SaLuSa: Allow Your Intuition To Be Heard


Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean 

On 10-17-14 

Dear ones, We look forward to the messages we give to you, and we enjoy monitoring the way you receive these with your open heart. Their purpose is mainly to give you hope, courage and some insights into a realm that many of you yet have to enter and discover.

It is known to us that the reality that you now experience appears a hash and crude. It is very easy to be stuck in it fully and to experience it as the only one truth. However the truth is almost out of reach for you most of the time, due to the fact that you are attached to a human body and that the soul has many blind spots under those circumstances.

The greater insight that you can have is to let go of the world of illusion every so often during the day, perhaps sit down in silence and listen within every hour for a few minutes. Just stop what you are doing and go within. give yourself 100% self time and recharge your own batteries with the joy and happiness from within and from higher realms. Listen to your inner voice, watch the inner movies that presents to you as imagination and dreams. 

Many truths reside there, much information come through that way from the higher realms. This information can be relevant to your own current needs and your own current life. It is a beacon for you to follow throughout the day. We know it is very hard to let go and just trust that light that comes from within, as the brain is full with what it must do and with time keeping issues, while the emotions are being conditioned to be in a state of constant fear that translates as stress.

The information that comes also covers past lives, parallel lives, connection with the current human collective, and with your ET brothers and sisters from the skies. Follow your dreams and follow yourself day dreaming, while you remain in a state of alertness by remaining grounded and connected to Mother Earth.

You offer us a unique perspective, as we can see human life through your eyes and your emotions.
You need to slow down the pace, especially around this time of changing weather and climate dear ones. The days are getting smaller and smaller for those of you living on the Northern hemisphere, and the oppression of living in growing darkness is being felt by the many. This will continue to be felt for a few more months, however, this is a good exercice for you all to feel the light within and to spread it around you.

The most powerful weapon that you have is your inner light, that manifests as Love in the 3d world. The Sun is nothing other than a huge ball of Love! The light and heat that comes from it is generated uniquely by the result of its love. You all have an inner Sun, and you all have the possibility of one day having an expanded Love Power as big and powerful as the Sun.

So, dear ones, if you ever wonder what can be achieved with Love.. just take a look at the Sun, and know that all life has been generated by the Love in the Universe. all life originates in Love. And if you look at the much bigger stars than your own Star, you will soon realize that Love has absolutely no limit, no boundaries, and is the Almighty Ruler of the Universe. Anybody going against the one rule of Love is going against the Universe, and is bound to fail ultimately, no matter how many chances of seeing error is given to those beings.

I am speaking here of those who enjoy torturing you and your beautiful planet for thousands of years, and even much longer. They will have to come to understand and accept that Love is the only ruling power that will last for ever, and that will never be extinguished.
Take this in your heart for your everyday life dear ones.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and once again I put my faith in your love and kindness.
Thank you.


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