Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kuthumi: A Time Of Great Release Before 2015

Channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark On 10-10-14

Master Kuthumi
I Kuthumi reach out to you once more as I witness your challenging times on Earth.

All is in renewal – but who is listening?

Those ones who have incarnated to provide strength through the Light are standing tall, for indeed the energy of the Light sustains them, this enables these souls to continue to work on an energetic level for the good of all.

It does not matter that some of you cannot see or feel the Light energy. Your soul can and does. I tell you it is your soul which propels you forward, to a higher truth than which you see or hear physically. Your soul feels the Light and seeks to bring it to your consciousness. Seeks to awaken you from your slumber of forgetfulness – soul forgetfulness. So you see those souls who come to spread the Light honor you through the awakening process.

Many times I have urged Light workers to unite. I say to you now it is imperative to do so. The Earth and mankind stand on a fine line of Light and darkness. Yes it is encouraging that more souls have awakened, but I call each of you to act and act quickly. Understand and use the true and powerful Light energy. Join together. It is the Light which will take mankind and Earth forward to higher peaceful realms.

I know many of you seek this and desire it. This year has been somewhat of a testing time for many of you. Each has been through a clearing of various experiences long held on to. Sometimes for life times. It has brought you to a time of review in your lives, and for some an understanding of what or who must be released, left behind for your own greater good.

A time of clearing may seem unpleasant, but I assure you it is very necessary. You are here to grow through experience – a vast array of experiences. It is hoped that there will be some of these experiences that will remain just that – an experience that you choose not to repeat. But always there remains the learning, and this provides your soul growth.

You are a fragment of the Universal whole. Therefore care is needed when releasing another soul form your life, whether a partner, friend or associate, I urge you to be mindful of your soul expression. Think of how your higher self would handle the situation or departure?

Souls will enter and leave your life many times during this incarnation. It is wise to be mindful of your own inner wisdom, and to treat another with respect. Maintain your own presence of Light, of inner peace. So how is this to be accomplished you may ask? Pause and reflect. There is always something to be learnt from someone who has entered your life. After all you have chose to walk with this person for a time and to experience many things.

Of course there will be some things which are bound to be unpleasant. Yet even here there is learning. You may learn to become stronger, to never experience that again, you may decide to rely on yourself for a time, there is still growth as you learn to truly understand yourself and eventually gain inner trust and strength in you – all of you. Your many aspects, strengths and weaknesses. There comes an acceptance of who you really are. This is tremendous growth.

So you see, all experience is valuable to your soul and indeed your own understanding. When you choose to release someone from your life, release all. That is your emotions, your feelings. Don’t hold resentment or wishing you had done something differently, no. This is such wasteful and hurtful energy. Rise above this and release all back to the Universe, out of your heart and emotions. When you are able to acknowledge your feelings, review what has occurred, – whether huge or small – and knowingly let them go, you can move forward in your life to new experiences of your choosing. Always release from a higher level. The energy there is powerful and will assist in the process of release.

For those of you holding regrets, guilt or pain from long past experience I say to you release on the astral plane. The energies there will be as a balm to your hurt, anger or resentment.

Simply call the person by name and speak to them. Tell them of the inner feelings you have concerning them. Dig deep and release all. Then give them to the Universe. Let go. It is time.

As you come to the final months of this powerful transformational year, it is time to reflect. Not just on this year, but on who you are, your actions, your attitudes and most of all your emotional body. I urge you to use the remainder of your year to breathe in new energy, new Light into your being.

Embrace it and leave all that no longer is able to serve you behind. This will allow you to feel a renewed flow of energy, of Light, of life, as you prepare for new beginnings and new experiences of your choosing in the coming year.

Master Kuthumi.

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