Thursday, October 16, 2014

Navigating The Rapids

eye of the needleMy dear Arcturian friend tells me that we’re in the “Eye of the Needle”, and I don’t doubt it. My body has been hurting in uncharacteristic ways and I’ve been wondering if gravity and age are just getting more enthusiastic or it’s the energies I’m feeling.The thing is that it’s not consistent, which tells me that it isn’t so much a chronic physical ailment that I’m dealing with but a series of upgrades and recalibrations.

Heck, I asked for it. I’ve been quite focused on being available for whatever service this body is needed for, day or night, in meditation and out. Knowing details isn’t important for me and it hasn’t been for a while now.

Make no mistake, it wasn’t always this way. I used to have a deep need to know before-hand what would be happening, and I get that my transition into full trust mode was a subtle one that even now I can’t put my finger on. But I do trust.

I trust that I am a higher dimensional being of Light, and that I’m here specifically to be a conduit for Divine energy to come through me and into Gaia and the Human Collective for the purpose of raising frequency (and probably lots of other things just beyond my conscious awareness).

With that in mind, I understand that when I follow guidance, the full power of the Light is with me and I’m fully protected. I’m needed here and I know it. And so are you.

rapidsI had a vision of being in a rubber raft on a calm part of a powerful river, but up ahead I could see some wicked white-water. I realized that I didn’t know this part of the river and had never been through these particular rapids before.

While observing and calculating how to get through alive, a wash of calm knowing came over me. I understood that if I took action on what I received from my higher self and collective guidance, I would absolutely come out the other side of those class fives intact, if not a little bit wet.

There’s nothing about these days of transition that’s easy for most, if not all of us. I don’t get the feeling that we’ll be getting a break anytime soon, either. Even if we’ve been diligent about our personal work, it’s never really “finished” and of course many of us have lent ourselves to processing for the collective on top of that.

My teenage daughter is one of those and let me tell you that when she’s in the midst of an especially tough one, there’s a part of her that shouts out, “F the collective!” Can anyone relate?

Anyway, here we are. I would say waiting, but it’s not quite that way. I suppose there are some who feel entitled to a clean and clear world of love and unity, and don’t feel it necessary to do a thing to bring it about.

That would be an unwise course of non-action in my view, because we’re all in this together. When it’s all said and done, I surely don’t want to look back on the day when I gave up, and quit helping to bring this shift of epic proportions along.

When reading this story that we’re living now, I want to really love and admire my character. It’s what we choose to do with what’s set before us that determines what our next series of experiences will be. What the thing or situation is that’s set before us is completely immaterial.

elephant loveDid we respond with love and kindness? Were we able to keep the faith, and trust in the Divine Plan? In our plan?

It’s not difficult to live our lives as though we’re already in a higher dimension. All it takes is allowing the truth of our existence to sink in and to embrace that we’re all connected to one another and to All That Is.

As One organism, why would we take any action to hurt or destroy another part of ourselves? Clearly, not all of Humanity is on board with this idea but I think the vast majority of the Human Collective would agree that things aren’t right as they are, and that change is sorely needed. That change begins within each one of us.

Isn’t that what channeled messages keep telling us? That the dreadful events taking place in part are so that we decide as a unified whole that this illusion of separation must stop? Who wants war? Does anyone want to see people starving or hear about children living on the street? We all know the list is long of things that need to change.

So here’s my formula for navigating these perceptually treacherous waters ~ For one thing, to be with only what is before me in this moment and frankly nothing else. I have a roof over my head and decent food to eat, my daughter and I are safe (if not tired of the monotony), and we have essentially what we need to live.

The second part is about fluidity and being okay with whatever shows up. That requires a level of trust that perhaps many of us just aren’t used to creating space for. Maybe it’s time to flex those trust muscles and just step in. Resistance really is futile.

earth heartSo yes, I do wonder how long we have to keep at this before everything we long for starts manifesting in ways that we can perceive. No answer for that here beyond that I feel like things are about to pop, and my gosh I AM so ready!

In these seemingly endless days of transition, some of us are resigning ourselves to returning to a 3D way of survival. Perhaps it isn’t so much going backwards into the old ways as it is a weaving of the old and the new ~ in the period between now and when we break through the membrane into the world as we wish it to be…the world as we’ve been creating it with our exquisitely beautiful thoughts and feelings.

The world as we wish it to be is already in evidence during gatherings like the COL one in Lake Tahoe earlier this month. When so many of like mind and open hearts come together, it gives us a solid knowing of what it feels like to be in Unity Community.

Coming home into relative isolation, however, can be a bit tough for a creature of Love and Light. The post love-fest blues can get the best of a lightworker but in truth, it’s gathering together in groups that seems to be the order of the day. The fact that I’m bone tired of not being surrounded with loving community in my physical reality is a fabulous motivator to step in when the opportunity does present itself. And I know it will.

Lots of Love!

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