Saturday, October 18, 2014

"On Your Mark, Get Set, Wait......"

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On 10-16-14

Today we would like to specifically address a very common experience amongst many of you at this time. There are many of you who are feeling particularly “stuck” at this time, and we would like to take this time to expand further upon why so many have felt this “lull” or drop in energy, enthusiasm, or motivation to move forward at this time. Certainly this does not pertain to everyone; however those of you who are drawn to this message may find it useful to have a little insight as to the energetic reasons why this is occurring to so many of you.

Growth and progress do not typically occur in a straight forward motion; rather it is more common to experience the ebb and flow of the energy to allow for both acceleration as well as integration.

However many humans expect growth to be experienced as continuous forward progress. In some ways we would agree. Let us further explain. You see, we perceive the integration period as being just as valuable as the acceleration period. These past few weeks have been a strong integration period which has been supported by the energies of this month. Yet many of you are feeling distraught that you are not “moving forward”. Just as a the waves of the ocean do not continually crash on the shore without the pull back to once again reset for another wave, you do not experience continual growth in a forward motion without a period of time for reflection, integration, and alignment.

This period of time that many of you have felt in the last few weeks has been essential to your overall growth. It has allowed you to reset, and to reflect on all that you have learned before another phase begins that yet again propels you forward. By allowing this energy to help you to integrate all that you have learned in the past few months, you can shift out of this phase with ease and once again move forward. However more often than not, humans tend to resist the state of “being”; rather humans feel much more comfortable when they are motivated to “do” something. What we are simply sharing with you is that both are equally important. One is not better than another; both are equally valuable to your progress.

Some of you have experienced feelings, beliefs, judgments and circumstances that you thought you had long since cleared and released, only to be dismayed when you have once again manifested similar situations and emotions from your past. Please know that you are doing nothing “wrong”.

When situations manifest or you are confronted with a circumstance from your past, know that it is an opportunity for you to now show yourself just how far you have come, just how much you have grown by reacting in a new way then you once would have in the past. You have attracted these circumstances not to remind you of who you once were, but to show you just how far you have come.

You see those experiences which you consider failures in your past are what we view as stepping stones. You would not curse the lower rung of a ladder because it is lower, it served a purpose when you needed it to step up to the next level; and that is exactly what you are doing now. You are preparing to “step up” your vibration yet again.

In order to truly grow and learn from your experiences you often will create experiences from your “past” to help you master them. You are indeed a very different person than you were only a short time ago. However the judgment that many of you hold about your past is what is continuing to attract it. When an experience manifests try to see the opportunity in it to allow yourself the chance to demonstrate just how much you have grown; to see how your response and reaction to these experiences now differ due to your immense growth. Growth is often made in an ebb and flow motion, not a straight forward motion.

This integration period will last a little while longer, some of you will move through this phase faster than others. The amount of “time” one needs is unique to each of you. Most importantly we suggest that you allow yourselves to take this time for yourselves. Listen to your bodies, if it is yearning for more rest, then allow yourself to rest. It is common to become impatient during these phases, however the more you resist the urge to rest, integrate and reflect, the longer the phase will last.

This period of integration allows you the opportunity to put all that you have learned to use. As feelings of anger, frustration, exhaustion and grief surface you may acknowledge the feeling and chose to redirect your focus if you desire. This is wonderful practice; you are offering yourselves the opportunity to practice maintaining a high vibration. Regardless of what events occur around you, you always have the ability to choose to perceive them in a positive light. You will certainly all shift out of this period of integration and move into a period of acceleration yet again. Just as you must breathe in and out in order to fully oxygenate your body, so too must you allow for the “in and out” flow of energy to allow for growth.

Try not to berate yourselves for taking some time to reflect, rest and reset. This is what this time period is for. Allow yourselves to bask in this time to relax. If you feel that this energy is particularly challenging please do not hesitate to call upon us, as we will be happy to assist you to transmute the dense energy that has surfaced into a loving, peaceful energy that serves your being.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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